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Author: Mindy Weixelman

House Rules Over the Holidays

This article was originally published on CollegiateParent.com
My daughter, just home from college for her first visit fall semester freshman year, was heading off to meet friends. I’d spoken those words every night she went out in high school but, this time, they caught in my throat.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-1-28-37-pmWas it absurd to give her the same old curfew? At school, she lived beyond my supervision. She was in charge of completing homework, dealing with professors, not to mention when and where she went out, with whom, when she came home and a host of other decisions I didn’t want to think about.

How does all this newfound independence translate when a student returns at the holidays? As my friend Lisa, the parent of two college students, says, “It’s a process and it takes four years.”

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Union Program Council presents Don’t Text #JustDrive

Students test out a distracted driving simulator.

Union Program Council, the K-State Alumni Association and AT&T have joined together to save lives through the Don’t Text #JustDrive campaign. Students and supporters of Kansas State University can challenge themselves and others to stop texting and driving.

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A message from VP for Student Life/Dean of Students Dr. Pat Bosco

Bosco Headshot NEW
Dr. Pat Bosco, VP for Student Life/Dean of Students

Earlier this month, I shared the following message with K-State faculty and staff regarding where to direct students for academic support and student success.  It’s important to me that parents receive these updates so you can provide the necessary support for your student.

Where to direct students for academic support and student success

By Pat Bosco

In preparation for midterm exams, it is important to keep in mind all of the opportunities and ways that a student can seek academic support and success. Many of these are at no cost and built around a student’s schedule. As part of the K-State family, it is important we continue to work together to connect our students and one another to services.

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Letter from the Vice President for Student Life Pat Bosco

Earlier this month I shared the following letter with campus partners and donors.  I hope all parents and families see the significant investment K-State is making to enhance your students’ career development opportunities and those for future students.

Dear K-State Family,Bosco Headshot NEW

K-State has a long tradition of preparing students to make important contributions to our communities and world. A key to educating and training K-State students for global opportunities, dynamic workplaces and future challenges has always been K-State’s family atmosphere, which continues to support student success and career readiness.

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The Value of Study Abroad Experience

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.44.54 AMStudying Abroad is one of the most valuable and life-changing activities a student can participate in during their college experience. In today’s global economy, K-State students need to enter the workforce with international Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.51.00 AMexperience and skills in order for them to be competitive in today’s global workforce. While students are having experiences and developing skills that employers value, they are also making progress towards their graduation requirements. K-State’s Study Abroad Office has joined a nationwide commitment to double the number of U.S. students studying abroad by the end of the decade.

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K-State Book Network: And the winner is…

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.31.19 AM
Tara Coleman, K-State Book Network Chair, with Wes Moore, author of KSBN’s 2015 book, “The Other Wes Moore”.

The motto of the K-State Book Network (KSBN) is “A campus on the same page.” It is designed to provide a common experience to help first year students transition from high school to college, grow academically and socially, and share something with all other first year students.

The university acknowledges that transitioning from high school to college can be a challenge for first year students. The purpose of the K-State First program, and KSBN, is to help guide that transition by giving students a common experience with the book and guided academic and social activities. It also sends the message that people in college read books, even ones that are not in their area of study, and that college is fun.

The events that go along with the books are geared to help students bond over their common reading experience, and learn new things about the book, related themes, K-State and the Manhattan community. It can be a great way for first year students to find common ground and start a conversation both inside and outside the classroom.

Director of Parent & Family Relations Mindy Weixelman recently visited with K-State Book Network Chair Tara Coleman to learn more about KSBN.

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Housing & Dining Services: Meet Derek Jackson

Derek Jackson
Derek Jackson-Assistant Vice President for Student Life/Director of Housing & Dining Services

While enjoying lunch at JP’s Sports Grill (located within the Jardine Apartment Community), Director of Parent & Family Relations Mindy Weixelman sat down with Assistant Vice President for Student Life/Director of Housing & Dining Services Derek Jackson to hear the latest news about Residence Life.

Mindy: Hi Derek! There are so many exciting projects, both large and small, taking place within Housing & Dining Services right now. I’m eager for you to share an update with K-State parents and families. Let’s start with a quick overview. Tell us about Housing & Dining Services.

Derek: Housing and Dining Services provides a living-learning environment for students, families and guests that is safe and comfortable. When construction on our newest residence hall (Wefald Hall) is complete this fall, we’ll have housing for more than 6,000 students in ten residence halls, a large apartment community, one leadership/scholarship house for women and a house for honors students. Our three dining centers serve made-from-scratch, balanced meals planned by registered dietitians, and feed approximately 10,000 people a day.

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Lafene Health Center: WellCAT Ambassadors Program

WellCAT fall 2015
2015-16 WellCAT Ambassadors

Director of Parent & Family Relations Mindy Weixelman recently met with Lafene Health Center Director of Health Promotion Julie Gibbs to learn about the WellCAT Ambassadors, and how the program benefits K-State students and families.

Mindy: Hi Julie! I have been hearing wonderful things about the WellCAT Ambassadors program. While most K-State parents and families are likely familiar with Lafene Health Center, they may not be aware of the great work you and your students are doing with this relatively new program. Tell us about this leadership opportunity.

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Summer Institute in Conflict Resolution

ENL Summer School

MANHATTAN — A first-time certificate-earning institute being offered at Kansas State University this summer is designed to meet the growing need in the workplace for individuals with conflict resolution abilities.

Kansas State University’s Summer Institute in Conflict Resolution will be offered June 6-July 29 on the Manhattan campus through the School of Family Studies and Human Services in the College of Human Ecology. Students successfully completing the institute will earn the university’s certificate in conflict resolution.

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Letter from the Vice President for Student Life Pat Bosco

Dr. Pat Bosco, Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students

Earlier this month I shared the following letter with students, faculty and staff.  I hope all parents and families take great pride in knowing your student attends a university that attracts the best and brightest students.

Dear faculty and staff,

I thought you would find interesting some of the demographics released from the Kansas Board of Regents for the fall 2015 new student class:

  • We remain the No. 1 choice among Kansas high school graduating seniors, actually increasing our lead over our top in-state competitor.
  • We enrolled, once again, a record number of domestic multicultural students.
  • We increased our average ACT composite score for new domestic students for the fifth consecutive year from 23.6 to almost 25.

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