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Be ready for sickness: steps to prepare for when your student becomes ill

The 2016 National College Health Assessment concluded that over 50 percent of college students sought out treatment, over the course of a year, for illnesses ranging from allergies and back pain to strep throat and ear infections. It’s inevitable that at some point in college, your child will get sick. When they do feel ill, Lafene Health Center is ready to help. Lafene Health Center

Located on campus, west of Kramer Dining Center, Lafene is conveniently located for a quick visit with a professional staff member. Lafene has services ranging from allergy and immunizations, X-ray’s, a women’s health clinic, and physical therapy to name a few.

The biggest difference between Lafene Health Center and a private doctor’s office is the cost. Students at K-State pay a specified privilege fee each semester which helps subsidize the cost of student health services. Most of the time, a short appointment without equipment or labs will be at low cost or no charge. Additionally, services including the pharmacy, laboratory, X-Ray’s, Physical Therapy, etc. are charged to students (mainly via health insurance) at a much reduced rate.

Scott Sager, a contributing writer for Collegiate Parent suggests a few tips for parents away from their ill child:

Be supportive — your student may feel isolated and unhappy about being sick.
Be informative — your student may need direction about over-the-counter medications, taking their temperature or when to see a doctor.
Be empowering — this is an opportunity for your student to take responsibility for him/herself.
Be patient — you may feel frustrated by your student’s choices about whether to go to the health center or to a party.

When your student is home over break:

Revisit the importance of getting enough sleep, eating well and physical exercise.
Go over their health history with them, including hereditary conditions and major childhood illnesses.
Check that their vaccination record is up to date.

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Caregivers at Lafene Health Center

Feel free to explore Lafene more in depth by visiting the home page or the specific parent’s page. There is also a thorough list of FAQ’s that might come in handy, too.