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Living in Manhattan During the Summer

Summer is right around the corner! Some K-State students will head back to their beloved hometowns, some will head to places far away to participate in a study abroad program or internship, and some will stay nestled here in Manhattan, KS!

Living in Manhattan, or any college town over the summer, is a unique experience. Thousands of people head out of town for three months, clearing up most of the street parking spots and lines at the grocery stores.

However, to the ones that choose to stay here and take summer courses or work, it means a time to get to know the locals, adventure to new places around town, and meet others who chose the same summer plans.

Alyssa Gomez, senior in Finance, has lived in Manhattan during the summer a few times now. She stayed to take classes as well as work full time with New Student Services. She says, “The population decreases dramatically and you just get the sense of a regular small town over the course of the summer. Instead of seeing your friends at the grocery store, you might run into your professor and their family which is just great. It’s refreshing to see the town a bit more calm than usual!”

Living independently over the summer can instill a sense of responsibility and self motivation with your student. They are encouraged to reach out to people they might not of had the chance to meet during the school year, establish a new schedule, and keep themselves occupied!

Students face the decision to live here over the summer, and for the ones that choose to stay, they could run into some times of loneliness. Obviously, with thousands of people leaving town, branching out and meeting others who chose to stay is the way to go.

Another reason students choose to stay is the financial aspect. Lots of leases on houses and apartments start in June rather than August so paying rent on an unoccupied residency seems irresponsible to some. It’s a good idea to find out when your students lease begins so everyone is at least aware of the financial responsibilities.

It’s quite easy to find something to do here, especially with the nice summer weather. Manhattan is full of hidden gems and exploring it could be a great bonding experience with other residents. Time in the summer can be spent exploring the town with friends, finding new restaurants to try, or heading out to Tuttle Creek Lake on a nice day. For a full list of things to do check here!