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Update on Changes to the Weapons Possession Policy at State Universities

Kansas State University considers the safety of students, faculty, staff and all employees the ultimate priority. As a campus community, we have continued our discussion of campus safety measures, gun control, and the Kansas Board of Regents plans to implement the law passed by the Kansas Legislature in 2013 for concealed carry. Continue reading “Update on Changes to the Weapons Possession Policy at State Universities”

The long break: How to navigate and enjoy your time together

By Molly McGaughey

My favorite, newly found TV show is The Middle. It’s been around for a while but I didn’t discover it until this summer. I think at this point I’ve seen almost every episode. And it’s not a guilty pleasure if I’m willing to announce to the world that I love it, right? One of the things I love best about the show is that it depicts a family that is terribly imperfect but still incredibly likeable. Continue reading “The long break: How to navigate and enjoy your time together”

Family Matters

How your college student’s definition of family may expand at the university level.

By Molly McGaughey

MollyFamilies with college students are always striving to find a new relationship equilibrium. How much to communicate and how much detail to share about daily life and relationships is probably still in flux for many of you.

Most of you should be familiar with K-State’s use of the word “family” to describe our campus community. I must admit that I both like and dislike this. Being literal I point out that Larry Moeder is my boss, not my uncle (even though for years many admissions representatives have called him “Uncle Larry”). And what about people from families that have struggled in the past to find harmony? Does the word “family” mean the same thing to them as it does others?

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Housing Spotlight | Smith Scholarship House

Smith Scholarship House.
Smith Scholarship House.

Love where you live – How cereal, camaraderie and community are making Bryan Lytle’s experience unforgettable at Smith Scholarship House, an all-male cooperative environment. Learn more about Smith Scholarship House through a Q&A with President, Bryan Lytle! Continue reading “Housing Spotlight | Smith Scholarship House”

Construction Updates

K-State is undergoing several construction projects on the Manhattan campus that will accommodate infrastructure changes now and in the future!

Projects include:
– Expansion to Seaton Hall
– New building for College of Business Administration
– Expansion to the Engineering Complex
– Berney Family Welcome Center
–  A new residence hall – Wefald Hall

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