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Advice for supporting your student as classes fly by.

Mach Family
Scott, graduate of K-State’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and Patty, graduate of The University of Kansas’s Department of Political Science, cheered on the ‘Cats with their family at the 2012 Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Texas.

Dear K-State parents and families,

As parents of three collegians (our son, Brett, graduated from a small private college in 2010, our son, Cooper, graduated from K-State in 2012 and our daughter, Carolina, is currently a sophomore at K-State) we’d like to share our thoughts on what you might experience with your student as the end of spring semester draws near.

School days will fly by fast and furious after spring break.  The time frame till the end of the semester is short, and students are easily distracted by the weather, upcoming internships, summer plans, etc.

We’ve found it’s helpful to have a conversation asking specifically what your student has coming up on their calendar—papers, projects, exams, etc.  Talking through the “how”,  “what” and “when” of what needs to be accomplished seems to help them organize their thoughts and time– especially when it’s from an encouraging source who let’s them know “they can do it”!

Another way to show support is by sending something through the mail.  While our kids don’t use “snail mail” much, they really do appreciate a card, note or gift card from home.  Remember to text them to anticipate its arrival so they actually check their mailbox.

Graduation may be on the horizon, and while it is a joyous occasion some of you may feel anxious about this life event.  We’d encourage you to set your trepidation aside and focus on your student’s state of mind.  They will look to you to see how to react—so help them put their best foot forward as they step out into the world (and don’t forget to make hotel reservations ASAP!).

Blessings to you and yours,

Patty and Scott Mach ’78

K-State parents ’12 ’18

Shawnee, KS