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Sophomore Spotlight


As our current Pilots students journey onward into their sophomore year, we thought we could take the time to catch up with students in our Sophomore Initiative and see what advice they have for our transitioning freshman:

Sophomore Words of Wisdom:

  • Take advantage of opportunities and resources around you.
  • Your sophomore year is busier, with much harder classes. You will have to manage your time more effectively than ever!
  • USE A PLANNER – Always keep it with you.
  • Stay on top of your syllabus; you need to be much more organized this year than you were last year.
  • You still have a LOT to learn.
  • It’s okay to BE YOURSELF.
  • Don’t be scared to continue to ask questions.
  • Take general education classes to continue to explore majors and other areas of interest.
  • Don’t rush into what you want to do or think you want to major in (“Find your passion!”).
  • Have an open mind, do not judge others before you get to know them.
  • Consider joining the Pilots Sophomore Initiative!

Benefits of the Sophomore Initiative:

  • Group meetings – to talk, share experiences, and build community.
  • Advisor connection: Having access to someone who is knowledgeable and really cares about you.
  • Developed empathy and greater understanding about other cultures.
  • Diversity awareness has increased.
  • Improved decision-making skills.
  • Connections with faculty and grad students.
  • Opportunities to hear from speakers across the disciplines.
  • Scholarship awards and money to spend for study abroad.
  • Exposure to different kinds of research.

If you are a freshman who wishes to join the Sophomore Initiative next year, come to the Pilots lab and add your name to the sign-up sheet! For the students who choose to participate in this fantastic opportunity, we will be having a welcome back pizza party on Friday, August 28th, from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. We hope to see you all there!

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