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Author: Jill Abbott

Enrollment Steps for Summer/Fall 2016

If you’re a second semester freshman, please follow these steps for Summer or Fall 2016 enrollment:

  1. Make an appointment with your academic advisor (the advisor for your major). Your academic advisor’s name is listed in your KSIS student center.
  2. If you have a declared major, pick up a curriculum guide from ACIC (014 Holton Hall) or print one out.
  3. Look over your degree requirements and think of what classes you may want to take. Use the Fall 2016 course line schedule to determine which classes are available.
  4. Log onto KSIS to find your enrollment date and time and to ensure that you do not have any holds on your account. (You will have an advising flag and an Academic Assistance Center hold, both of which will be lifted after meeting with your academic advisor and your Pilots advisor, respectively.)
  5. Meet with your academic advisor and prepare a class schedule including course names, reference numbers, and class times.
  6. Make an appointment to meet with your Pilots advisor after you’ve met with your academic advisor.
  7. Bring your completed class schedule to your next Pilots advising appointment. Make sure you ask how to navigate the line schedule, enroll in classes, and put your name on a course wait list if you are unsure.
  8. Enroll via your KSIS Student Center during or after your designated enrollment date and time. If you need assistance and/or have questions, please contact your Pilots advisor.

NOTICE: Different colleges have different policies on seeing students for pre-enrollment.
• Call your college or department to make an appointment with your academic advisor as soon as possible.
• Pay attention to your emails. You may receive detailed instructions on how to contact your academic advisor.

If you have any questions about the process, ask your Pilots advisor (Rebeca, Nilima or Nidhi) to assist you.

Sophomore Spotlight: Maria Vieyra

Pilots Sophomore Maria Vieyra recently submitted an original piece of artwork she developed as a part of the Canvas of Diversity Initiative that aims to turn the K-State Student Union construction zone into a place for campus expression, multiculturalism, anti-oppression, and social justice. maria vieyra

What message did you want to convey by creating this piece?

“I wanted to show people that moving forward doesn’t mean pushing anyone back.  We should be aware that we are different and that’s not a bad thing.  Our background, culture, and heritage are important and we shouldn’t disregard that. Some people say its good to take a “colorblind” approach, but I feel like we should be embracing differences and appreciating color in the world.”

Where did you derive your inspiration for this piece?

“Mostly caffeine…kidding, but personally, I have met a lot of people who would like to take the colorblind approach to meeting people, but I don’t because I want to embrace differences and promote others to do as well  This painting was created to show people how beautiful color is.”

How else can students demonstrate their awareness for issues of diversity and social justice if not with art?

“There’s a variety of ways to be active in these issues like protesting and attending meetings of different organizations that center around these issues.  Definitely challenge yourself to read and learn more to make yourself a more well-rounded person who is aware of the issues.”

What advice can you give to the Pilots students to help them increase their awareness of social justice and issues in diversity?

“Go to events! Even if you don’t have to go, still go because it will really open your eyes and let you see how different people are which is a wonderful thing to see.”

Any final thoughts?

“Pulling a two-day all nighter to create this piece is not advisable! Just be aware of these opportunities because I was not aware of this initiative until just a few days before the submission date. Always be on the lookout for opportunities like these to get involved and showcase your skills.”


Maria's Painting2



Undergraduate Research is NOT just for Scientists

Conducting research as an undergraduate is an excellent way to gain experiences and skills that will benefit you both academically and professionally. In addition to exploring your areas of interest in-depth, undergraduate research develops skills in collaborative learning and critical thinking. For students interested in pursuing grad school, undergraduate research is a way of expanding your education outside of the classroom and better preparing yourself for the rigors of graduate study. Even if you are unsure about graduate studies, conducting undergraduate research is a way of exploring your research interests and testing the suitability of a research career to your interests. Visit the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry to see what opportunities are available and how to get involved!

Two of our very own Pilots students are currently working as undergraduate research assistants.  Read below to see how they got started and how valuable the experience can be.


Jacob Sanderson – Psychological Sciences Jacob Sanderson

Jacob is currently working in the Department of Psychological Sciences with Dr. Pickens conducting experiments with rats.  Dr. Pickens research focuses on alcohol and decision-making associated with learning tasks.

Why do undergraduate research?

“There is real world relevance to all the terms and theories outlined in your classes so participating in research solidifies these principles through application.”

What do you like about doing research?

“Learning by watching and participating. Asking questions about the process helps me understand how to construct a research design.”

How do you suggest getting involved?

“Cast a wide net that goes further than your specific interests. One of the best ways to learn something is to understand what you don’t know.  If you are curious about participating in undergraduate research, I encourage you to just jump in. I personally have no special skills that make me the ideal researcher, but what I lack in skills, I make up for in curiosity.”

Lauren Sullivan – Business Management

Lauren Sullivan

Lauren currently works in the department of Management Information Systems with Dr. McHaney. She is gathering information from social media sites from people she can connect with on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to assess the differences in lingo used on these three sites. Later, Lauren will input the data into a program that will analyze patterns of words to identify different emotions and personality types.

Why do undergraduate research?

“It can help broaden your interests and go beyond what your major entails.  My major is business management, but I can find ways that the information I gain in research can be applied to my future career.”

So the College of Business faculty do research too? I didn’t know that!

“I didn’t either! I never thought I’d be able to be a part of a research team since my major is business management, but after networking with my Pilots PA, I found out that even fields that aren’t science-related have problems that need solved. Even Professors from different universities are collaborating with us on this project!”

How do you suggest getting involved?

“Just reach out to professors.  Even if they aren’t currently in the middle of a project, they likely know someone who is. Be open minded because it can provide some really great connections for the future.”



Tax Assistance at Manhattan Public Library

Need help filing your taxes? The VITA program can help! IRS-certified volunteers can provide free tax preparation assistance to individuals and families with a household income of less than $52,000 (Military returns and non-Kansas returns excluded).

Appointments are required and you can schedule one by calling (785) 565-6426 or emailing vitataxes@gmail.com. The program takes place at the Manhattan Public Library (629 Poyntz). Read more HERE.

Photo Gallery

Valentine's day Picstitch1
Megan, Trayvon, A.J., Steve, and Jordan help celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing their love for Pilots
Group Pic2
Lorena, Xavier, Odalys, Mursadeez, Jocelyn, Nallely, Jourdyn, Del’Sha, Ray’Monik, Brandon, and Jairo take a moment to pose for a photo on a chilly February afternoon.


Shelby Study Session
Our wonderful PA, Shelby leads a discussion with Aaron, Austin, and Sierra over their notes for Psychology 110.
Girls Group Pic1
Lorena, Odalys, Jocelyn, and Nallely are all smiles as they relax in the Staley School of Leadership Studies.
Group Pic1
Pilots Students listen intently to a guest speaker in Geography 100 on February 4th.
Valentine's day Picstitch2
Abigail, Brandon, Nikki, Clayton, and Crystal celebrate how much they love Pilots right before Valentine’s Day.
Group Pic3
Lorena, Jocelyn, Nallely, Odalys, Jourdyn, Xavier, Mursadeez, Del’Sha, Brandon, and Jairo take a break from their homework to have a little fun in the Leadership Studies Building.
scholarship workshop
A group of Pilots students attend the Pilots Scholarship Workshop and learn how to make their applications stand out!
sophomores at los lobos
A few of our wonderful sophomores take a moment to pose with Rebeca before attending the Los Lobos event at McCain Auditorium on February 18.

Welcome Back Pilots Students

Welcome back to K-State, Pilots students!  We hope you enjoyed your holiday break and were able to relax and prepare for another exciting semester.  Last semester, 58% of our students received a 3.00 GPA or higher.  That’s over half of you — way to go!  Our advisors have updated the window display outside Holton 101 that welcome-backfeatures our student achievements.  Make sure to stop by and take a photo to send to your family and friends or email it to us so we can post them on Facebook and Twitter.  We are so proud of each and every one of you for working hard last semester, and we look forward to what the Spring 2016 semester has in store.  Keep up the hard work and make sure to apply for Pilots scholarships.

Here’s to a great semester!


The Pilots Staff (Rebeca, Nilima, Nidhi, R.J., & Jill)


Important Dates to Note:  calendar

  • February 1-28: Black History Month
  • February 1-26: Pilots Advising Appointments 1
  • Monday, February 8: Last day to drop a class for 100% refund
  • Monday, February 15: Last day to drop a class for 50% refund
  • Tuesday, February 16: Study Abroad Fair – 8 am to 5 pm – Student Union
  • Monday, February 23: Last day to drop class without a W recorded
  • Monday, March 7: Cultural Event Reflection Paper #1 Due
  • Monday, March 7: Pilots Scholarship Packets Due

Visit the syllabus on Canvas for for information or directions for EDCEP 110 assignments!

Fall Semester Honor Roll

Honor RollThe Pilots staff would like to acknowledge the following students for their academic achievements this past semester. Congratulations!

President’s Honor Roll (4.0 GPA)

Kelsey Drewelow, Megan Dyster, Ryan Ehrenberg, Andrea Enciso, Michaela Feeney, Elizabeth Gregory, Caitlin Harkleroad, Kyle McLean, Breanna Schartz, Tabitha Stumma, and Sandy Vang.

Dean’s Honor Roll (3.75 – 3.99 GPA)

Ana Bautista, AJ Dunmire, Samantha Judd, Janet Matos, Anna Meagher, Ashlyn Riley, Valeria Rubio, and Clayton Wintermantel

Pilots’ Honor Roll (3.50 – 3.74 GPA) 

Erica Alfano, Nikki Allums, Micayla Campfield, Jorge Fernandez, Rachel Groff, Emma Jackson, Kathryn McCoy, Lauren Sullivan, Zoua Vang, and Chris Walton.

Forty students received between a 3.00 – 3.49 GPA last semester!  Congratulations and keep up the great work this semester.

We are so happy to have some new students joining the Pilots program this Spring.  Welcome, Abigail Bell, Carlos Diaz, Daniel Grinnan, Natasha Hall, Shanae McKenzie, Aaron Mullins, Bryan Munoz, Austin Noble, Crystal Posey, Tiffany Rich-Sturgeon, Savannah Simpson, and Jonathan White.Welcome-Banner

We are also excited to welcome three new Peer Assistants to the Pilots family, Katia Chavira (Geography), Shana Schmidt (English), and Carly Stithem (English) and our new social media intern, Alexus Lacy!

Pilots Scholarships

Scholarship packets for Pilots students are available to pick up in Holton 101 and in the Pilots study lab.  You should have also received an electronic version via email from Jill. These scholarships Apply for scholarshipsrequire a letter of reference.  Make sure your application packet is typed and looks professional and that you request your letter of reference ahead of time. Your reference should be from someone who knows you well, such as a professor, advisor, or a supervisor.

Remember, you must apply to be considered for one of these scholarships!



Return completed application packets to: Rebeca Paz, Pilots Program Director, 101 Holton Hall

To assist you in the application process, Jill will be holding a Pilots Scholarship Information Session on Monday, February 22 @ 4:00 pm in Leadership Studies Rm 113 and again on Thursday, February 25 @ 7:00 pm in the Pilots Study Lab before the applications are due.  As a group, we will be going over the scholarship application packet and discussing how to build a strong packet.

Continue reading “Pilots Scholarships”

Sophomore Initiative: “Enrich Your Journey”

What are your plans for your sophomore year of college?

What do you hope to achieve?

The goal of the Pilots Program Sophomore Initiative is to guide second year Pilots students as they perfect the skills and talents developed during the first year. Students will work on SMART goals, long-term planning, and tackle challenges often faced during the “sophomore slump” with the guidance of advisors and peer support.

Taylor Sweet
“The Pilots Program Sophomore Initiative helped me keep the friends I made last year and continued to assist me with time management skills. I still enjoy taking advantage of all the fun opportunities and free tutoring services as a sophomore. I encourage all the freshman to participate in the sophomore program because I have been able to upon all the skills I acquired as a freshman.” – Taylor Sweet (Sophomore)

Benefits of the Sophomore Initiative:

  • Resources for the 2nd year
  • Goal setting
  • Advising/counseling
  • A community of diverse peers
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Monthly group meetings
  • Awesome speakers
  • Sponsored social activities
  • Study groups
  • Peer assistance for specific courses

(No required classes or EDCEP 110)


Interested? Want to find out more? Talk to your Pilots advisor TODAY!

Pilots Sophomore Initiative

Rebeca w Sophomores3
A group of this year’s sophomores show off their holiday goody bags they received at the holiday party from Rebeca.