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U.S.-China Center for Animal Health Newsletter

Summer Greetings!

Summer is the time to explore fun, adventure and new opportunities!  Here we present you the first edition of the e-newsletter from the U.S. – China Center for Animal Health (USCCAH) at Kansas State University. While you glance over our newsletter, you may find a golden opportunity laying in front of you for the global collaboration.

USCCAH was established in 2010 to improve Chinese animal health education and research, as well as to assist Chinese and U.S. animal health companies to access the U.S. and Chinese markets, respectively. Since then, we have established the U.S. – China Joint DVM Program through partnership with the China Scholarship Council, the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association, the International Veterinary Collaboration for China, and the Banfield Pet Hospital.

In addition, we have signed an agreement with the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association to offer online continuing education seminars to Chinese veterinarians to meet American clinic practice standards.  Meanwhile we have partnered with the Chinese Small Animal Veterinarians Association, a branch of the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association, to offer veterinary medical lectures in Annual Chinese Small Animal Veterinarians Conferences.

Furthermore, we have helped to establish collaborations between Kansas State University (KSU) and several universities and institutes in China, as well as facilitated exchanges between Chinese animal health and regulatory agencies, KSU and the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor.

This newsletter has highlighted some of these activities as well as our veterinary education programs. We also take this opportunity to thank Zoetis, Ceva Animal Health, and Shor-Line for their support for the USCCAH.  If you would like to support our programs or have interest in animal health in China, please contact Dr. Lei Wang leiwang@vet.k-state.edu.

Ralph Richardson                                                                                             Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine                                                           Chair, Board of Directors, USCCAH

Jishu Shi                                                                                                        Director, USCCAH

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