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Cooking Class and Baking Class for Kids

Need new ideas to teach cooking and baking to kids? Kids book author, Deanna Cook, has some fun cookbooks that can help!

The cookbooks are targeted to various age groups. They have leader planning tips, promotional materials, lesson plans, easy and fun recipes, gift tags, stickers, bake sale signs, and many other fun ideas.

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Sprouting Up: Wheat Foods for Kids

Looking for a way to teach kids about wheat and foods made with wheat?

The Wheat Foods Council has a fun and informative resource that shows how wheat is grown, harvested and made into flour and foods. They also have a presentation, recipes and games to help kids learn even more.

On this website,, look for this resource and other ideas for all ages.

The Whole Grains Council has more information and ideas on wheat at


Kids Eat Right Monthâ„¢

August is National Sandwich month too!
August is National Sandwich month too!

As August rolls in, school will be starting again. It is a good time to get kids started with healthful eating and active lifestyles.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates Kids Eat Right Monthâ„¢ to focus on kids.

To help encourage kids to eat right, get them in the kitchen. Kids as young as three can help do simple tasks to have them help make a recipe or prepare a meal. When they help in the kitchen, they are more willing to try new foods.

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