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Graduating Seniors Agricultural Communications and Journalism

We want to celebrate our graduating seniors! Read on to learn more about our graduating seniors from the agricultural communications and journalism major.

Brooklyn Adam

“ACJ has prepared me for my future by giving me the real-life, hands-on experience and practical classes with content related to real-world scenarios.”


Adrian Austin

“My favorite part of ACJ is our awesome faculty and staff. The leaders of this department truly cultivate a family atmosphere and care bout the success and well-being of students.”


Sierra Cargill

“I loved the design class in ACJ. I feel like I am a better communicator and have learned skills that I am excited to use. Enjoy your time in ACJ, it goes fast!”


Brigid Ernst

“I would like to work in government public affairs in the dairy industry.  K-State has provided her a very hands-on realistic education for the career.”

Kaci Foraker

“My favorite memory in ACJ is traveling to Ireland on a faculty-led study abroad and working together


Amber Helwig

“ACJ has prepared me for my future by providing me with opportunities to work with clients and companies for class projects and assignments.”


Mikey Hughes

“ACT really helped me lay the foundation for my future. Even if that doesn’t impact you as deeply, the industry and peer connections alone make it worthwhile Joining an being involved is literally like getting a head start into the professional world of agricultural communications.


Amber Kelly

“The people are what make this department so great. My favorite part of ACJ is the connections I’ve formed with students, faculty and staff- from early morning meetings with donuts provided by Dr. Burke to the “momma hugs” I got from Mrs. Patty anytime I had a bad day.”


Jena Lyn


Mary Marsh

“The ACJ classes strengthened my abilities as a writer, got me connected with professionals in the industry and introduced me to new tools that made me more marketable.”


Janae McKinney


“I love the faculty of ACJ and how much they truly care about students. They are always there to talk or give advice or even ask about your day. The faculty and staff make it feel like a family on the third floor of Umberger. I also love the classes in ACJ and the hands-on projects. We make a nationally awarded magazine each semester, we work with real clients on communication projects and create designs that enhance our portfolio.

Emily Meinhardt

“The ACJ program prepares you to be a well-rounded communicator by requiring classes that will challenge you in different ways. It also provides real-world experience to allow you to put the skills you’ve learned to use.”

Laura Rouw

“I love learning fun facts about my teachers and professors. Dr. Levy Randolph had a snuggie phase. Dr. Katie Burke collects rocks and recently decided to raise chickens. Dr. Ellis played football in middle school and was an offensive lineman (which is funny to anyone who’s seen him).”


Brityne Rucker

“My education prepared me for my future in the biggest way possible. Without the connections I made through my first internship at Kansas State University with K-State Research and Extension, I would have never had my full-time position now in the ag broadcasting industry.”


Taylor Todd

“Don’t be complacent, make connections and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. I strongly believe networking is the most important thing you can do for yourself.”


Allison Wakefield

“Go above and beyond on your assignments. Sometimes it is to easy to get in a rut and just do enough for a good grade, but the projects we do in class can have a lasting impact on your portfolio, and also show that you can do more than just what is asked from you on the rubric.”


Katherine Wist

“Serving as the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow national member relations coordinator has allowed me to see the quality of education and the family culture here at K-State.”




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