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Choose Your Adventure: Intern, Volunteer, Teach, or Work Abroad

SAlogo(150x150)If you’ve been reading the study abroad articles in previous Arts & Sciences eNewsletters, you know that studying abroad can be an affordable and valuable college experience. But what if you’re looking for something besides studying abroad? Or what if you’ve already studied abroad and you’re looking for more? If this is the case for you, here are some other options for international experiences during or after your time at K-State:

1. Intern Abroad
Interning abroad will provide you with invaluable experience in the global marketplace and will demonstrate to future employers that you are a driven individual who is not afraid of a challenge. To find out more about international internships, stop by the Study Abroad Office and make an appointment with your advisor, or check out transitionsabroad.com, GoAbroad.com, and GoOverseas.com.

2. Volunteer Abroad
Volunteering abroad provides an excellent way to give back to the global community while gaining a better understanding of the world and the challenges that different cultures face. To learn more about international volunteer opportunities, make an appointment with your study abroad advisor, or check out ksu.studioabroad.com, GoAbroad.com, and GoOverseas.com.

3. Teach Abroad
Teaching abroad is an exciting and fulfilling way to travel with a purpose while making new friends, developing valuable personal and professional skills, and possibly earning some money. For more information about teaching abroad, make an appointment with your study abroad advisor, or check out ESLcafe.com, transitionsabroad.com, and GoOverseas.com.

4. Work Abroad
Working abroad helps defray international travel costs while allowing you to live like a local for an extended period of time. To learn more about working abroad, check out transitionsabroad.com, or visit the U.S. Embassy website and the U.S. Department of State website for information on work visas and finding jobs abroad.

Whatever your interests, we’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss your options or help you begin planning for your adventure abroad!

Kara Warren
Study Abroad Office
304 Fairchild Hall

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