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Think you can’t study abroad? Think again!

SAlogo(150x150)The decision to study abroad isn’t always an obvious one. There are plenty of reasons why students choose to pass up this life-changing opportunity, but here’s why two of those reasons are just, well, bad.

1. I can’t afford it.

Many students assume that studying abroad is just too expensive before even looking into the options. In some cases, the cost of studying overseas is about the same as the cost of living in Manhattan and taking a full course load on campus. For example, exchange programs allow you to pay in-state tuition and fees (even if you’re an out-of-state student) while you study abroad. Likewise, some direct enroll programs cost less than a semester at K-State. If you receive financial aid, don’t assume you have to give it up; in most cases, your aid will go abroad with you. Plus, there are many scholarships available for students studying abroad, both through the K-State Office of International Programs and through other sources.

2. I won’t be able to graduate on time.

This doesn’t have to be the case! Throughout the study abroad planning process, you will work with your academic advisor and a study abroad advisor to ensure that all courses you take abroad will transfer back as K-State credit. It’s always a good idea to start planning early—for instance, do you have any K-State 8 requirements that you need to fulfill? Think about taking them while studying abroad! Chances are, you can work with your academic advisor to find courses overseas that meet those requirements (or even some of your major or minor requirements).

Convinced, or still skeptical? Either way, we encourage you to attend one of our Study Abroad 101 sessions, call us (785-532-5990), email us (abroad@ksu.edu), or stop by our office in 304 Fairchild Hall. We’d be happy to sit down and discuss how this life-changing opportunity can work for you!

Kara Warren
Study Abroad Office

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