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What will you discover when you study abroad?

SAlogo(150x150)You may already think you know who you are. But if you’ve never stepped outside your comfort zone–whether that be Kansas, the United States, the English-speaking world, or any other culture to which you belong–then how can you really know what life is all about? The only way to know what’s inside you is to look at yourself from the outside. Reconnect with the heritage of your immigrant ancestors. Taste cuisines that simply are not available in Kansas. Test yourself against the thrilling rigors of exploration. Meet folks who speak, worship, and live in ways that you can’t imagine. You’ll know a lot more about yourself–and you’ll never be the same!

And it’s never been easier to go abroad at Kansas State! Visit our Study Abroad Fair in the K-State Student Union this February 11th to start researching options. Attend our Study Abroad 101 sessions–now held every weekday for thirty minutes–to learn how to begin an application. You can study, intern, serve, or research abroad as soon as this summer! Our applications for summer and fall programs are due on March 13th for most programs. At any time, you’re welcome to contact an advisor in the Study Abroad Office at abroad@ksu.edu, by calling us at (785) 532-5990, or stopping by 304 Fairchild Hall. Discover the world. Discover yourself. Discover K-State Study Abroad!

Matthew Yates, Ph.D.
Study Abroad Office

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