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Five Tips for Recruiting Today’s K-State Student

Recruiting students at various universities can be difficult. Use these five tips for recruiting students at Kansas State University.

In-Person Interaction
K-State students value relationships; they use technology, but prefer a face-to-face experiences during the recruiting process.

“I liked the opportunity to meet face-to-face with recruiters and chat with them about what we each are looking for.”

K-State students demonstrate a variety of qualities that we call the #WildcatWay, but the ones that stand out tend to be their dedication and their initiative. Don’t be afraid to give them tasks that push their creativity and resourcefulness.

Work vs. Life Balance
Students seek a work/life balance when considering jobs. They want to get the experience, but seek opportunities that allow them to continue life activities outside of their jobs. 

According to a study published in September 2014, today’s intern or new employee has “a stronger desire for managers to listen to their ideas and value their opinions”

“I liked how different companies were willing to talk to me and sounded interested in hearing what I had to say.”

Constructive Feedback
Students want to learn and grow from their internships or first on-the-job experiences. The only way they can do this is by some form of written or verbal constructive feedback. NACE’s “Five Tips for Effective Intern Performance Reviews” offers advice on how to conduct effective intern performance reviews.

From generation to generation, the technology used in the job search and hiring process evolves in leaps and bounds, but one thing that stays consistent is the necessity for human interaction. The students at K-State, whether at a career fair or on-the-job, crave experiential learning with a hands-on approach. For more information about hiring K-State students, visit k-state.edu/careercenter.

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