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Facilities Employees…We Appreciate YOU!

Division of Facilities employees enjoyed a picnic on Friday, September 15th thanks to the organization of Kerry McDonald and several other volunteers from within the department. A classic picnic lunch of Weber Hall hotdogs, beans, and chips was provided as well as ice cream sandwiches for dessert. In addition to free food, employees could enjoy activities like bingo, playing cards, ‘washers’, and participate in the raffle.



Kerry McDonald takes a minute to hydrate and wave ‘howdy’ as she keeps the day’s events running smoothly.









“KUDOS!” go out to our Building Maintenance Teams for putting up the massive tent!





Ryan Swanson, Associate VP, recognized and distributed ‘Years of Service’ award pins during the festivities.


The best part of an ‘Appreciation Picnic’ is getting to relax and catch up!



Even with a threat of rain, Pat Boss stays faithful to his post running the sound system for Friday’s events.






Artie Sias & Brent Kolterman won the annual ‘Washer Tournament’. Way to go, guys!






Ryan Swanson calls out bingo drawings for the second shift custodial crew at the evening picnic.


Thank you to every member of our ‘Facilities Family’ for all you do to keep our campus running smoothly.

You are appreciated!!!




…to MATT HENRY & KIT TEBBUTT for their work in helping to clean up Mary & Carl Ice Hall.

Matt and Kit did an excellent job of getting this mess cleaned up. I met them at the site a couple of times and they followed through with exactly what we needed done and more…as they always do. I hope you can share with them our appreciation for all they do for our college!”

 Rita Newell, Assistant to the Dean, College of Human Ecology



“The furniture removal at UFM today went off without a hitch. I know there were some communication issues with regard to this work order, but we very much appreciate that facilities pulled a crew together and made it happen. They showed up this morning and began on time. It was a bit of a challenge for them due to the unique layout of the UFM building and the narrow doorways they had to work with. However, they brainstormed, devised a plan, and got to work. They were professional, extremely efficient, and all of the work was completed in 90 minutes! We expected this job to take 4 hours given that many of the desks had to be sawed into pieces to get them through the doors and removed  from the building. All of that was managed with only one small ding in the sheet rock. Upon discovery, your crew apologized and took care of that immediately. Thank you and your staff for a job well done!”

-Valarie Coltharp, Program Associate, UFM Community Learning Ctr.



“As the Custodial Supervisor for Seaton complex, I am very proud to announce that the Seaton custodial crew got a great recognition from the Dean of Architecture, Planning & Design on Monday, August 28th. Our crew has worked hard these past 2 years trying to keep Seaton as clean as possible during the construction of the new building. It was a great honor to be recognized by all the students, faculty, and staff. I feel very proud to have the crew that I have. They are a group of hard working men and women and I’d like to say “Thank-You!” for all you have done and all your hard work. All of you should be proud of this moment. I also want to say “Thank-You” to the AP & Design faculty, staff, and Mr. De Noble.”

-Gerardo Negron, Custodial Supervisor Sr, Division of Facilities

(ABOVE: Seaton’s custodial crew pose with the students and faculty from the department of AP & Design. In no particular order: Chris Slattery, Susan Kent, Chong Aldridge, Janet Treadwell, Clinton Grubbs, Gloria Loberg, Wanda Scott, Sandy Bollin, Bill Zoeller, Lori Poeske, & Gerry Negron)



Happy Retirement!

Congratulations to these members of our Facilities Family who have reached that magical era called ‘retirement’!

CAROL WENDLAND, Mechanic’s Helper

Retired 8/1/2017.


BERNARD BREHMER, Custodial Specialist

Retired 8/1/2017


RENE SMALLDRIDGE, Custodial Specialist

Retired 9/1/2017


JACKIE TOBUREN, Manager of Grounds Maintenance

Retired 9/1/2017


We wish each of you all the best as you enter this exciting (and hopefully, relaxing) season in your lives!


Suggestion Box

The Division of Facilities encourages and welcomes positive suggestions that contribute to the improvement of our department. Possible ideas for submissions may include ways to:

  • Improve the work environment
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve or update policies
  • Improve safety protocols
  • offer your own idea!

Great Ideas Start Here!


Is it possible to have a refrigerated foods vending machine (soups & sandwiches) in the Dykstra Breakroom?

Five Star vending is our vending machine provider and generally decides the type and location of their vending machines on campus. Most of the business they received from their refrigerated vending machine in Dykstra Hall was from our employees in the building maintenance shops. When most of that group moved up the hill, the refrigerated vending machine in Dykstra began to lose money. Eventually, Five Star removed the machine and placed it in the Annex.

Just For Fun!


…Ruth Rowlands (Key Control) gets a new look for her office in celebration of her 50th birthday. Interior Design provided by her beloved (and slightly ornery) sister, Anne Murphy (Central Mail).

Welcome to our TEAM!



Reonika Herbert was hired as a Custodial Specialist. She is working for Beverly Price.



Velder Booth was hired as a Building System Technician. He is working for Tim Brunner.



Jean Reynolds was hired as a Custodial Specialist. She is working for Stephanie Brecheisen

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