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Things to do in Manhattan

We’re very excited to see our graduate students this weekend for graduation! Since many of you will be coming to Manhattan for the first time, here’s a list of places to visit if you have the time.

Sunset Zoo

Sunset Zoo is open Saturday-Sunday 9:30 a.m. – 5p.m. This zoo has a unique layout, follow the path to catch a glimpse of animals from various continents, or explore on your own and check out the large section of the zoo devoted to the Kansas Plains.


Flint Hills Discovery Center

This museum is especially devoted to the wonders and history of the Flint Hills. Exhibits include Shaping Winds & Waters; Blowing Winds in a Tallgrass Prairie; The Underground Forest; Winds of the Past; Where the Air is so Pure; Voices of the Flint Hills; and Stepping into the Prairie.


Bourbon & Baker

The trendy restaurant is designed to allow visitors to enjoy as many smaller portion plates as they can handle. It’s located along Poyntz Avenue, which makes for a lovely post-dinner walk.



Pillsbury Crossing

If the weather is warm and sunny, take a trek on down to Pillsbury, a 60 feet long, 5 feet high waterfall a few miles southeast of Manhattan. It’s open 24/7 and is free to the public.



Arrow Coffee

Arrow has a unique range of coffee for the caffeine connoisseur. They specialize in hand crafted everything; coffee, cocktails, and food.




K-State Insect Zoo

Open Tuesday-Friday 1pm to 6pm and Saturday 12pm to 6 pm, the Insect Zoo is a fun way to see the various insect habitats and environments, housed in the old Dairy Barn.



Varsity Donuts

Varsity is a staple for many students in Manhattan. By day, you can stop by the shop and grab a donut (or more). On Thursday, Friday and Saturday night after 10 p.m., the store closes and the food truck opens, serving late night food needs with items like grilled cheese mac ‘n’ cheese and bacon fritters for anyone who steps in line.

Konza Prairie

The Nature Trails of this native tallgrass prairie preserve are open to the public from dawn to dusk. Nature walks can vary based on which trail you take; Nature Trail is 2.6 miles, Kings Creek Loop is 4.6 miles, and Godwin Hill Loop is 6.2 miles. While there, it’s important to observe and follow the rules, as the Konza Prairie is used for research. You can find posted rules here.

If you need space to walk your dog, we recommend checking out the Washington Marlatt Memorial Park, which is sometimes called “The Little Konza,” or Linear Trail.

ACME Gift Shop

Let this be your last stop before you leave the ‘hat. Be sure to pick up a quirky gift or memento to commemorate your time in Manhattan.

Congratulations on graduating, we can’t wait to show you all that Manhattan has to offer!

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