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Alumni Spotlight: Matt Krug

Matt KrugWhen he first arrived to K-State, Matt Krug wasn’t sure where his studies would take him, until taking Intro to Food Science as an elective pointed him in the right direction. “I was interested in going to professional school to become a medical doctor, dentist, or optometrist,” said Krug. “I decided to make food science my major because a food science degree is a good prerequisite to those professional schools, but also gives you a useful degree towards obtaining a good job upon completion of a bachelor’s degree.”

A strong interest in food microbiology led Krug to pursue his master’s degree in food science. He recently graduated and completed his defense seminar entitled, “Evaluating the Efficacy of Commonly Used Antimicrobials in the Beef Industry for Controlling Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Contamination on Chilled Beef Subprimals and Pre-Rigor Carcass Sides.”

“The program opened many doors for me in the advancement of my career,” said Krug. “I was given tremendous research and collaboration opportunities that look great on my resume and deepened my knowledge in food science. Beyond that, I built strong relationships with professors (both at K-State and other institutions), industry partners and fellow grad students who will continue to be great resources to me even after I have left the university. I also made a few lifelong friends.”

For students considering a master’s degree in food science, Krug encourages students to look for opportunities with faculty. “I would highly recommend that interested students get in touch with any or all of the food science faculty,” said Krug. “They are all willing to sit down with you and discuss your future. There are also undergraduate worker positions available in many of the labs which could give someone hands-on experience and help them decide if grad school something they want to pursue. Don’t be afraid to talk to any of the faculty; they all want to see the program succeed and are constantly in search of qualified students.”

Krug began his new job in April, working as a State Specialized Extension Agent, Food Science with the University of Florida, based at the UF – Southwest Florida Research and Education Center (SWFREC) located near Immokalee, FL. Krug will be helping teach workshops in the area of food safety and food entrepreneurship. He is also in charge of a food quality lab at a local culinary business accelerator that is currently under construction in Immokalee.

Despite the distance, Krug said he is already making plans to return to K-State. “I will miss being able to easily go to the football and basketball games, but am looking forward to flying in and reuniting with family and friends at a couple of games this fall,” said Krug.

Krug’s major professor was Dr. Randall K. Phebus. For more information on the graduate program, please visit here.

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