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Food Science Institute

Welcome Back

By Morgan Wolfe


Welcome back, students! We missed you here at the Food Science Institute! Spring semester has quickly approached us, and we want to help prepare you for maximum success during this term. The Food Science Institute offers various resources to aid students in their academic development at a lower cost. Our student resource center includes:


The Food Science Institute Office has a collection of food science textbooks readily available for students to check out for the semester. The program is designed to be a “gift that keeps on giving” in a time when textbooks prices continue to rise. The textbooks are reused by many over several semesters, as opposed to direct one-time scholarship awards. The books can be checked out from day to day or overnight, but obtainment comes on first-come first-served basis.

Computers and Printers

For last minute assignments and projects, food science students have the opportunity to use the computers and printers in the office at 216 Call Hall without having to make the trek across campus to the library.

Study Spots

Our campus offers plenty of great spots to sit down, unwind and grind. The Food Science Institute welcomes students to use the Fountaine Reading Room Library to study without disturbances. The library houses a collection of textbooks, magazines, journals and more to assist students in their projects and class papers.

Additional great study spots include Hale Library, with various floors for specific study and learning purposes. Hale Library also encloses a Media Development Center created for video editing, 3D printing, producing CDs and DVDs, scanning and editing images, developing webpages, creating audio recordings, and more. Students are free to use the lab during any of its operating hours for academic or personal projects.

The K-State Student Union also has an immensity of resources for student use. Whether hungry, tired, studious or in the mood to socialize, the student union can meet your needs with over eight different places to eat, an overhead projector for movies and news, countless study booths, a bowling and game center in the basement and even an art gallery to browse through during passing periods.


Don’t fret if you’re falling behind in a class! K-State offers flexible tutoring services to all students no matter the course or content. The Academic Achievement Center provides walk-in or one-on-one scheduled tutoring and even academic coaching in case you are questioning what path you want to take or what subject you want to study.

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