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Festive Foodie Event

By Morgan Wolfe


This past December, the Food Science Club took part in a gift exchange called the Festive Foodie Event. This special holiday arrangement was coordinated by Elizabeth Brown, a member at large of the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association (IFTSA) Board of Directors. The event included each chapter of the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association (IFTSA) that wished to participate. Each chapter was given a maximum spending budget for the gift exchange and randomly assigned another food science club to exchange with. At the end, each group was encouraged to document the opening of their gifts with photos and video.

Our K-State Food Science Club was greatly surprised by the contents of their gift exchange. They group received their package from Middle Eastern Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.
“The gift was beyond thoughtful and generous,” Christine Rock, president of K-State’s Food Science Club noted.

The package included postcards with images of beautiful and notable Turkish sights, a sweet note written by members of the Turkish chapter, and a surplus of fun Turkish snacks and treatswhich included descriptions and explanations of their significance. Notable items included Turkish coffee and Turkish delights -yum! 

“We were taken aback by the kindness of our fellow Food Science Club chapter,” Christine commented. The club had no idea where their gift was coming from until it arrived here at K-State.
“It was especially exciting for our Turkish professor, Dr. Yucel and Turkish classmate and graduate student, Bade Tonyali,” Christine said. “Bade was mentioned specifically in their note to us!”
Christine wants to encourage future food science club officers to participate in this event in the years to come. However, the club agreed that they’d wished to see videos or pictures of other chapters opening their gifts. Overall, it was a gift they’d remember forever.
Christine concluded, “It was an awesome chance to connect with other students, around the world in our case, through food and the holiday, gift giving season.” 

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