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Student Spotlight: Wyatt Williams

By Morgan Wolfe


In my half hour spent getting to know freshman student, Wyatt Williams, it was clear to me the high level of ambition and excellence he puts forth in everything he pursues. Williams, originally from Wamego, Kansas, is a food science and industry/pre-med student who is highly involved around campus. Though always interested in the medical industry, he was unsure what to do for his undergraduate degree.

“I knew I wanted pre-med, but I wasn’t sure what my major should be,” Williams mentioned. “My neighbor growing up was the Assistant Dean of the College of Agriculture, Dr. Christine Wilson,” Williams said. “She encouraged me to look at the food science and industry program at K-State.”

His journey began last year when he privately visited the Food Science Institute with his father, Chris Williams, who played a role in the startup of the lab in his time with the Kansas Department of Commerce. After speaking with Dr. Fadi Aramouni, Williams was convinced that food science and industry was exactly what he wanted to do.

“Dr. A sold me,” Williams commented. “There’s lots to do in food science and the job placement is really good. Food science sets me apart from a lot of other students applying to med school with similar majors such as, biology or kinesiology. Not many can say they majored in food science.”

An honest and thorough conversation between the two resulted in an offer from Dr. Aramouni for Williams to work in his lab as an assistant.

“I knew after talking with Dr. Aramouni how serious he is,” Williams mentioned. “He looks for students with big aspirations.”

Since the fall, Williams has worked on numerous projects in Dr. Aramouni’s lab alongside a select group of other students: Haley Davis, Samantha Fischer, McKenna Mills and Alex Sevart. Some of his first projects involved assisting in the development of a Korean nut tea and making labels for a small soda company in Missouri. Currently, he is getting ready to help in the development of non-alcoholic versions of popular alcoholic beverages for a different client. Williams delivers many hours of work in the lab and it certainly doesn’t go without notice.

“Wyatt is an amazing individual and an outstanding student,” Dr. Aramouni stated. “He approaches his job with a sense of responsibility and accountability. This attitude coupled with his friendly personality, his punctuality and his can-do attitude makes his an excellent worker that I have come to rely on a lot in our Kansas Value-Added Foods Lab. I feel so lucky to have him on my team!”

Though his weeks are consumed with classes and lab work, Williams still seeks additional time to be involved with other organizations at K-State and in the community. Last semester he aided in the production of the Call Hall Dairy Bar in the student union and worked there as one of the store’s first employees. He also tutors students for the ACT through a company in Manhattan called Power Prep and serves as the recruitment and social chair in his fraternity, Alpha Kappa Lambda. He’s truly a man devoted to helping others.

The few moments Williams is able to catch a break, he enjoys being outdoors.

“I like to hunt and fish a lot,” Williams mentioned. “Half of my baby pictures, I’m hanging out with my dad after a hunting trip. My favorite place to go is Saskatchewan, Canada.”

Williams has undoubtedly shown his commitment to the development of his education as well as the development of others. The Food Science Institute feels truly honored to have him and is eager to see all that he will accomplish in his upcoming years at K-State.



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