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Department of Geology

Welcome to Dr. Arash Kamari

The department of Geology is please to introduce our new postdoctoral researcher working with Dr. Matt Totten. Kamari’s background is in enhanced oil recovery (EOR), data science and artificial intelligence, and reservoir simulation with an emphasis on maximizing oil and gas recovery from complex reservoirs. He concentrates in particular on naturally fractured reservoirs, methane hydrate reservoirs, and shale and tight reservoirs using innovative and modern techniques. As a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University, Arash studied effects of rock pore sizes on the physical properties of both oil and gas-condensate in Eagle Ford shale reservoir. Arash is also a scientific editor and active reviewer for more than ten leading journals in the field of petroleum science. Dr. Kamari’s professional and academic experience has resulted in over 50 peer-reviewed journal papers, vetted conference proceedings, and chapters in books in petroleum geosciences and engineering. While here at K-State, Dr. Kamari plans to work on the identification of reservoir characteristics using advanced artificial intelligence approaches, to tie physical properties to seismic data, and to enhance both exploration and production in unconventional reservoirs.


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