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Keeping Your Pets Safe

With the severe weather this week, did you have an emergency plan in case something went wrong? Most people have their go to bag, or list that they pack up in case something happens to their home. For example you might have an extra pair of clothes, money, important documents and anything of value to you. What about your pets? Do you have their important items on your list?

If you do great! If not, I am sure there will another severe weather storm this summer for you to prepare for. These are the items you might want to keep your pet safe and to prepare in case something does happen to your home.


  • The basics, like a leash, food, collar, kennel; anything that you might need to keep your pet contained after a disaster.
  • Next any documents like rabies shots, shots your pet has had and put this all in a baggie or waterproof container.
  • Contact number of your vet, boarding facilities and relatives that would house your pet.
  • Anything to ID your pet with. A microchip or tag is great; make sure they are up to date. Another thing to think about is a picture of you with your pet in case you get separated. You will need to prove you own the pet.

Last thing to do is practice with your pet. Which seems weird, but for example if you don’t usually put them in a carrier, then have it in sight. By having it in sight you animal won’t be as scared of it all the time. Even try feeing them in the carrier once a week. Make sure your dog or cat will come to you when called. That will help a lot when you are frantic and trying to get everything around.

Just like you would with your kids, you should keep your pets safe and ready for when disaster strikes.

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