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End of the 2017 Harvey County Fair

The 2017 Harvey County Fair has come to an end. As an Extension Agent, the fair brings months of planning and organizing for the five-day event.

Saturday is one of the busiest days of the fair. The majority of 4-H and Open class exhibits are checked in and judged on that day. This year, Saturday at the fair began before 7:00 AM and ran until the end of the Swine Show and the close of the 4-H Food Stand, after 10:30 PM. With so many exhibits and departments going at once, the day feels full of chaos and excitement for Extension Agents. By the end of the night, we are tired but proud of all of the hard work our 4-H members have dedicated to their projects.

This year, at the end of what feels like the longest and busiest day of the fair, I made my way over to the 4-H Food Stand to help close it down. As I made a trip out to my car, a 4-H family passing by said “thank you for all of the hard work you put in to the fair today.” Hearing thank you after such a long day gave me a boost of energy. Their day had been just as long and hard, preparing their exhibits and animals. Their thoughtfulness was refreshing.

This was a great reminder for how much a sincere “thank you” can mean. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported our 4-H program and the Harvey County Fair this year. Our program is successful because of the hard work and dedication that our volunteers and supporters give to 4-H. It has been the best fair ever- thanks to everyone who had a hand it making it happen!

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