Harvey County

The “4-H New Year”

The county fair is always a great showcase of our 4-H program. It is the “grand finale” of a busy summer full of 4-H activities. Through the exhibits and shows at the fair, the public is able to get a glimpse of the learning and hard work that our 4-H members have devoted to their projects this year. With all of the 4-H projects on display at the fair, I get to hear from many families who are interested in joining the program.

The “4-H New Year” is always in October. Starting October 2nd, new 4-H members can enroll in the program and returning members can re-enroll. To enroll in 4-H, youth must be at least five years old and not older than 18 years old before January 1st, 2018. Five and six-year-old members are considered “Cloverbuds”, which is an exploratory 4-H program. There is a $15 per year program fee for 4-H members ages 7-18. Waivers are available at the time of enrollment for anyone with a financial need.

In Harvey County, we have a very strong 4-H program. Our program has seven local 4-H clubs with over 220 youth members. The 4-H program is made possible by over 70 adult volunteers. Through the work of these clubs and volunteers, 4-H members have access to over 30 hands-on projects to learn from and master.

It isn’t just about cookies, cows and county fairs! Backed by land grant universities across the country, 4-H is able to empower kids with the skills that they need to lead for a lifetime. To learn more about the Harvey County 4-H program, stop by our 4-H Enrollment Day at the Newton Rec Center on October 28th from 9:00am to noon. The 4-H Enrollment Day is your one-stop-shop for meeting our volunteers, learning about what 4-H has to offer and enrolling in the program.

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