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Investing in the Future of Kansas 4-H: The Kansas 4-H Program Fee

For more than 100 years, Kansas 4-H has been committed to providing positive youth development educational experiences to young people across Kansas. The organization is committed to teaching life skills so all youth can reach their full potential. While we continue to celebrate – and appreciate – the dollars that are entrusted to Kansas 4-H, declining state funding for K-State Research and Extension and 4-H makes it difficult to create and sustain high quality and relevant 4-H youth development programs.

As an organization, we have sought input on how to stabilize funding and grow the 4-H program. Discussions have been hosted as well as surveys to gain feedback on program impact within K-State Research and Extension. A task force of eight extension agents was formed to review all information and develop recommendations on how to move forward. They worked diligently to investigate a viable means to ensure a steady funding stream to sustain, enhance and grow the K-State Research and Extension 4-H program.

As a result of the work and subsequent recommendations from this task force, an annual K-State Research and Extension 4-H program fee of $15 per member is being implemented beginning October 2, 2017. Kansas 4-H is committed to providing the best 4-H program and operational support to local extension units. Funds generated will strengthen the program priorities of volunteer development, project support and program enhancement.

The annual program fee is one part of a broader solution to grow program excellence and fulfill priorities. Key partners are helping to lay a strong foundation for the future of 4-H by providing additional support. The Kansas 4-H Foundation is investing in areas of volunteer development, marketing, growth initiatives, and program-fee waivers to ensure that any young person in Kansas can have access to high-quality 4-H programming.

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