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These days it seems like we are seeing more couples ending their relationship than staying together. There can be many reasons for that decision, but one of the main problems is communication between the couple. Communication can help you become closer with your partner and make your partner seem like your best friend.

There are many ways to improve your communication with your partner:

  • Start by sharing everyday happenings; by doing that, you get to know you partner better and vice versa. People change and if you aren’t sharing your everyday happenings you might miss how your partner is changing.
  • Show fondness and admiration. Saying things like, “Thank you for picking up your shoes.” Or “That was nice of you to make me coffee this morning.” It might seem weird at first to do this, but it will become a habit and your partner and you will start to feel more appreciated for little things.
  • Avoid using the word “you” and start using the word “I”. This will help a lot when it comes to arguments. By starting with the word “I”, you change the way your message is coming out and you say why you are feeling the way you are. Also it helps your partner not feel blamed and understand the way you are feeling.
  • 5:1; 5 positive interactions to each negative one. By following this rule it helps keeps relationships out of trouble and more happy and healthy.
  • Suggest time outs for when arguments get heated and each of you do not want to say something hurtful. Sometimes it helps you figure out the real reason you are hurting and how to express it in a way that won’t hurt your partner.
  • Be willing to compromise will go a long ways for any disagreement, little or small.

Try these out with your partner and any relationship you have. You will be surprised how much better your communication skills will improve with every relationship you have!


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