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Red Flags

This week I want to talk about red flags and what they are. Too often, a relationship becomes very painful and even dangerous before anyone seeks help. Certain feelings and behaviors can alert you to an abusive relationship. These are called red flags and can be seen as a warning sign that changes need to be made before things get dangerous.

Every person will have different red flags based on how they were raised and their feelings.

Red flags for people who may be in an abusive relationship:
-being physical hurt and afraid of your dating partner
-losing your friends
-being threated
-feeling manipulated or controlled
-not being allowed to, or being afraid to, make decisions for yourself

Red flags for people who may be abusing their dating partner:
-physically assaulting your dating partner
-verbally threatening your dating partner
-using guilt trips to get your dating partner to do something
-making your dating partner afraid of you

These are all signs that might mean you need to get help. Some key points to remember, people act abusively for different reasons, these behaviors have short- and long-term consequences for the victim and the abusive partner, there are red flags/warning signs that a person may being abusing/abused and no one EVER deserves to be abused.

Places in Harvey County that will help you:

HVCO Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Taskforce: 1-800-487-0510
Safe Hope Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: 316-283-0350
Agape Resource Center (food pantry & clothing closet): 316-283-1600
Salvation Army: 316-283-3190
New Jerusalem Missions: 316-282-2101
Harvey County Homeless Shelter: 316-283-7711
Health Ministries Clinic: 316-283-6103
Offender Victim Ministries: 316-283-2038
Harvey County Health Department: 316-283-1937

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