Harvey County

Enrollment Deadline

Don’t miss out! The deadline for returning 4-H members to enroll in the program is right around the corner, January 1st, 2018. The deadline for new 4-H members to enroll will be May 1st, 2018. The deadline to add or drop 4-H projects is May 1st, 2018. 4-H enrollment is completely online at https://ks.4honline.com.

The new state 4-H program fee begins this enrollment period. The fee is $15 per member per year. This fee does not apply to five and six-year-old 4-H members, or Cloverbuds; their membership is free. Waivers are available by request through the online enrollment process for any family with a financial need. Families should pay the amount due for membership at the time of enrollment, either by credit card or mailing a check to the State 4-H Office, or by selecting a waiver. Please do not send payments to the local Extension Office, these payments will not be processed. The mailing address for the state office is 4-H Youth Development, 201 Umberger Hall, 1612 Claflin Rd. Manhattan, KS 66506. If mailing a personal check is your desired form of payment, be sure to write the name of the 4-H youth member(s) on the memo line or on an additional sheet of paper, enclosed with the check so the payment may be applied to the appropriate member(s). Please note that cash cannot be accepted. Payment is due within (7) days of submitting 4-H enrollment.

The Harvey County 4-H Development Fund is committed to sponsoring every Harvey County 4-H member by reimbursing Harvey County 4-H families $5 for each enrolled 4-H member and $15 for every new Harvey County 4-H member, however families must pay the amount due in full to the state office (or select the waiver option). Reimbursements will be made after the 1st of the year to each local 4-H club, and will then be distributed to families.

Part of the 4-H enrollment process is selecting a local 4-H club and 4-H projects to participate in. In Harvey County, we have seven local 4-H clubs. Club meetings serve as a 4-H member’s main source of program information while giving members a sense of community and helping to build relationships between other 4-H members and families. Clubs often participate in service events, host social activities, and conduct fundraisers. 4-H members will also be able to select from more than 30 hands-on 4-H projects to participate in, such as photography, rocketry, or poultry! For more information about 4-H Clubs and projects, visit our website http://www.harvey.k-state.edu or stop by K-State Research and Extension Harvey County office in the basement of the Harvey County courthouse.

As a reminder, in order to exhibit an item at the County Fair, 4-H members are required to be enrolled in the corresponding project in 4-H Online by May 1st.

For more information or step-by-step guides about the 4-H enrollment process, visit our website at http://www.harvey.k-state.edu/4-h/Enrollment.html.  As always, the Harvey County Extension is happy to assist you with your 4-H Online enrollment. Families can call our office to schedule a time to enroll using an office computer or visit your local library for computer access.

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