Change your opinions, keep to your principles;
change your leaves, keep intact your roots.
-Victor Hugo

Change—we create it, we react to it, we embrace it. Hugo’s words resonate with me as we prepare for a semester celebrating both change and stability in our academic programs. Our department is fortunate to be founded on strong principles and deep roots. This has allowed us to be leaders in planning and landscape architecture education as we continue to excel in new arenas. You’ll enjoy reading about our students and faculty recent achievements this past semester in the links below.

We are looking forward to sharing and celebrating our programs with you and others this Fall. Landscape Forms selected our department as the host for their 2014 Xtreme LA event. On October 7-9, a dozen young landscape architects from around the country will work with students from all four disciplines in our college in a fast and fun design charrette led by two prominent landscape architects. From October 19-22 the Planning Accreditation Board Site Visit Team will be on campus for our re-accreditation visit. We’re excited to share our growth and development with them. On November 7-8 we will wrap up the semester with a big celebration of the Landscape Architecture Program’s 50th Anniversary. Our December e-newsletter will be full of pictures and news to recap these exciting events.

Invitations to the 50th celebration will be in LA alumni mailboxes at the end of the summer. You don’t have to wait to see details of the weekend we have planned or to locate your hotel, just check out our website or on our Facebook event page. As always, follow us on Twitter at @KStateLARCP for real time updates on the celebration and other department news.

Thank you for providing the roots that ground us as our new leaves stretch upward!