Faculty Contributions and Awards

Since our last newsletter, LARCP faculty have been sharing their knowledge and expertise through presentations, publications and engagement. Here is a recap of our activities:


The following LARCP professors attended the K-State Teaching Workshop-Motivating 21st Century Learners Jan 30 – 31 in Manhattan, Kansas:

– Assistant Professor Anne Beamish
– Associate Professor Howard Hahn
– Associate Professor Jon Hunt
– Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page
– Professor and Head Stephanie Rolley

Assistant Professor Jessica Canfield presented “Assessing Landscape Performance: What to Measure and How” at the 2015 Kentucky Annual ASLA Conference, February 28, in Newport, Kentucky.

Associate Professor La Barbara Wigfall presented a K-State Presidential Lecture, “Save it or Tear it Down: Choices We Make for Progress”, to students at Frankfort High School, March 23.

Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page presented Why We Need the Landscape Idea in Public Schools at the K-State Spotlight on March 24.

The following faculty presented during the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture held in Manhattan, Kansas March 24-28:

– Associate Professor Hahn, Critical Mapping in the Design Studio
– Assistant Professor Alpa Nawre, Balancing Water and Land in the Monsoonal Landscapes of India
– Assistant Professor Brent Chamberlain, Mapping Cultural Ecosystem Service and Aesthetics to Inform Landscape Planning Decisions
– Associate Professor John Hunt, Animating Poetics of the Konza Prairie
– Assistant Professor Jessica Canfield, Design Competition Pedagogy: Approaches and Outcomes from the EPA Campus Rainworks Challenge
– Assistant Professor Jessica Canfield, Landscape Performance Metrics and Methods: A discussion of what to measure and how
– Assistant Professor Anne Beamish, Back and Forth: Making Land
– Associate Professor Chip Winslow, Documenting Campus Ecosystem Resources: Technological Advances in Collecting Data and Producing Tree Inventories
– Assistant Professor Hyung Jin Kim, How can Twitter help public space design? A big data analysis on the relationship between design and use
– Instructor Dereatha Cross, Teaching Technology Through Integrated Technical Modules

Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page, along with Linda Duke and Rhonda Janke, presented cross-disciplinary work occurring through the Meadow project to members of K-State’s Cultural Studies Initiative on April 8.

Assistant Professor Brent Chamberlain showcased the Advanced Landscape and Immersion Visualization Environment Laboratory at the InGENuity Conference April 16, featuring eaturing works from Kraig Weber and Natalie Webb.

Assistant Professor Brent Chamberlain presented “A Spatially Explicit Analysis of Ecosystem Services in Clayoquot Sound, BC” at the Association of American Geographers 2015 Annual Meeting Conference on April 22.

Assistant Professor Brent Chamberlain presented an invited talk on “Computational Models for the Management of Landscape Character” at Argonne National Laboratory on April 23.

Assistant Professor Kate Nesse presented Comparing Estimates of Rare Events in the ACS to Administrative Records at the ACS Data Users Conference May 11-13 in College Park, MD.

Associate Professor Lee Skabelund presented Sustainable Development at Kyoto University, Japan on May 21.

Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page presented “Landscapes for Art: Why we need the landscape idea” at the Wichita Art Museum on June 3. She was invited to make the presentation as WAM prepares to open a new, nine-acre Art Garden designed by Confluence, Vicki Skuri and Derek Porter.

Assistant Professor Brent Chamberlain presented “Crash Course or Course Crash: Gaming, VR and a Pedagogical Approach” at the Digital Landscape Architecture Conference in Dessau, Germany. The presentation focused on work completed with students in the Fall 2014 LAR 704 course.

Professor and Head Stephanie Rolley presented “What is landscape?” to 51 participants in the UMKC Design Discovery program about landscape architecture on June 10. UMKC Professor John Eck is already planning next year’s event. If you know of a high school or college student who might be interested in the four-day program, please pass along the information available here.

Assistant Professor Hyung Jin Kim presented “How Power Influences Space? A Case of Seoul Plaza, South Korea” at the Asian Conference on the Social Science in Kobe, Japan on June 13. Kim also had research meetings and presentations at Osaka University (Environmental Behavior Lab, Dept. of Architecture) on June 11 and at Kobe University (Spatial Design Lab, Dept. of Architecture) on June 12.

Assistant Professor Huston Gibson presented “Educating Leaders in Australia” at the 10th annual K-State Sustainability Dialog on July 18.

Assistant Professor Huston Gibson presented a poster, “Small Town Parks as Community Cultivators”, and represented the MS Community Development program at the Community Development Society meeting in Lexington, Kentucky, July 19-22.


“Political fragmentation and land use changes in the Interior Plains,” co-authored by LARCP Professor Timothy D. Keane, along with Jae Hong Kim and Jaewoo Cho was published February 4 in Population and Environment, available here.

Assistant Professor Alpa Nawre published an article ‘ Troubled Waters: Talaab System in India’ in Issue 43 of the Journal of Landscape Architecture, India. More information is available here.

Associate Professor Blake Belanger and Associate Professor Ellen Urton’s, K-State Libraries, article, “Situating Eidetic Photomontage in Contemporary Landscape Architecture”, was published in the Feb 2014 issue of Landscape Journal and is available here. A photomontage by Elizabeth Decker, MLA ’14, is featured on the cover.

The CELA 2015 theme publication, Incite Change | Change Insight, is now available on New Prairie Press, here. Dr. Tim Keane is the editor of the publication.

Assistant Professor Anne Beamish’s article “Enjoyment in the Night: Discovering Leisure in Philadelphia’s Eighteenth Century Rural Pleasure Gardens” has been published in Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes, vol. 35, no. 3, July-September 2015. A full-text version is available here.

Assistant Professor Anne Beamish contributed a chapter entitled “Rendering the Darkness Visible” in Cities of Light: Two Centuries of Urban Illumination. Edited by Sandy Isenstadt, Dietrich Neumann, and Margaret Maile Petty, and published by Routledge. More information is available here.

Assistant Professor Alpa Nawre’s article, Water as a metric for urban development in India, is published in the Journal of Landscape Architecture, Issue 1 – 2015, and available here. The paper includes design illustrations developed in her Specialization Studio ‘Laminated Landscapes in India’ by students Nicholas Mercado & Gabriela Weber, and Glen Jarrett & J. Ross deVault.

Professor Lee Skabelund co-wrote Chapter 2: “Monitoring Abiotic Inputs and Outputs” in the book Green Roof Systems.

Assistant Professor Anne Beamish’s article “Enjoyment in the Night: Discovering Leisure in Philadelphia’s Eighteenth Century Rural Pleasure Gardens” has been published in Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes, vol. 35, no. 3, July-September 2015. A full-text version is available here.


Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page and Associate Professor and librarian Thomas Bell were guest curators for the Dinner and Mid-Night Snack: Gifts of Contemporary Works on Paper from Donald J. Mrozek and R. Scott Dorman at the Beach Museum from 5-7 pm February 5. Click here for more information.

Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page assisted in securing a $10,000 gift from Fred, BLA ’60, and Judy Henley to support the Meadow at the Beach Art Museum. The Henley’s were on campus March 13 for Fred to present his career as a landscape architect in the public sector.

Assistant Professor Huston Gibson represented K-State as the director for the Master of Science in Community Development at the Great Plains IDEA 2015 Spring Meeting March 29-31 in Omaha, Neb.

Assistant Professor Brent Chamberlain along with Tanniqua-Kay Buchanan, MRCP; Dereatha Cross, PhD student, Environmental Planning & Design; Beth Krehbiel, MLA; Richard Dean Prudenti, MLA; and Erin Wilson, MLA, were awarded $5,000 from the K-State Green Action Fund for their our project titled: “The Bus and Us”. The project will support the development and communication of a public transportation plan for shuttling students to next year’s studio location.

Assistant Professor Jessica Canfield and her collaborators, Associate Professors Katie Kingery-Page, Lee Skabelund, and Associate Professor Stacy Hutchinson, BAE, received notice that the Environmental Protection Agency has selected the team’s application for a Green Infrastructure Demonstration and Training Through Campus Demonstration Projects award. The $36,000 grant will allow evaluation of landscape performance at the International Student Center Rain Garden and the Meadow.

Assistant Professor Brent Chamberlain received a $2,500 Spring 2015 Faculty Development Award in support of his presentation, Crash Course or Course Crash: Gaming, VR and a Pedagogical Approach, at the Digital Landscape Architecture Conference.

Assistant Professor Huston Gibson traveled to Australia during May and June to complete his Oz to Oz Fellowship.

Assistant Professor Brent Chamberlain was selected as a Big 12 Faculty Fellow for 2015. The award will go towards supporting his visit to the University of Texas in Austin to share his work in geovisualization and computing technologies and create new collaborations.


Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page’s Creative Placemaking Master’s Project and Report group was featured in the Wichita Business Journal on February 4. Click here to read.

Dede Brokesh attended the Scholer-Peterson Concrete Conference on February 12, hosted at K-State.

Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page and Associate Professor and librarian Thomas Bell made an all staff presentation to the Libraries on their recent collaborative curation of the Dinner and a Mid-Night Snack show at the Beach Museum of Art on February 18.

LARCP faculty and students hosted the Kansas American Planning Association Symposium March 6 in Manhattan, Kan.

Assistant Professor Alpa Nawre joined the Journal of Architectural Education Editorial Board for a three year term beginning July 2015.

Open A.I.R. 2015, the Beach Museum’s artist in Residence Series includes collaboration from LARCP. The Center for Food Perception and Aesthetics was a 3-day socially-engaged collaborative project of Dialogue-Lab (D-Lab), occurring at the museum April 15-17. Read more about D-Lab here. LARCP students and faculty will be part of the following D-LAB events:

– Drive Thru Nation: Attendees joined MLA students in Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page’s Creative Placemaking master’s report umbrella for an interactive workshop and presentation on car culture and food. Students participating are: Danielle DeOrsey, Rachel Fox, Abby Glastetter, Steven Holt, and Nick Mercado.

– Food culture and the built environment.: Attendees visited the Vanier Gallery to view video tours of residential neighborhoods in the Flint Hills that are part of Assistant Professor Katherine Nesse’s research on the relationship between the residential environment and demographic characteristics of neighborhoods. The videos are a part of the exhibition exploring the relationship between food culture and the built environment.

Assistant Professor Huston Gibson and colleagues in the MS Community Development Great Plains Idea consortium received the “Capping the Stone Award” for their work on the MS CD assessment rubric and report. The award was given on March 30 at the annual GP IDEA meeting held in Omaha, NE.

Assistant Professor Brent Chamberlain was one of 10 K-State innovators invited to participate in the inaugural launch of K-State Olathe Ingenuity Central on April 9. Brent demonstrated using 3D gaming immersive environments to understand how decisions are made for geospatial awareness and recognition.

Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page and Assistant Professor Kate Nesse traveled to Washington, D.C. April 21-23 with the annual delegation of K-State faculty and administrators. The trip allows faculty in the early stages of their careers to network with other K-State researchers and establish working relationships with potential funding agencies. Katie will meet with the NSF-AISL program officer; Kate will meet with the Economic Research Service of USDA; and, both will participate in meetings with the National Science Foundation while in D.C.

Professor and Head Stephanie Rolley represented the Regional & Community Planning Program at the Planning Accreditation Board meeting on April 18 in Seattle, WA in the final phase of the PAB’s re-accreditation decision for the program.

Professor John Keller and Professor and Head Stephanie Rolley attended the American Planning Association national conference in Seattle, WA, April 18-21,

Associate Professor Jason Brody was named the APDesign Professor of the Year by K-State Housing and Dining.

Associate Professor Howard Hahn led 12 Boy Scouts through the Landscape Architecture Merit Badge during the K-State Merit Badge Conference on April 25.

Associate Professor Lorn Clement and Assistant Professor Ryadi Adityavarman (IAPD) have secured funding for three design drawing workshops in the fall semester of 2015. Click here for more information about the workshops by Frank Ching, Anita Lehmann, and Jim Richards

Professor and Head Stephanie Rolley participated in the Landscape Architecture Foundation Board of Directors Mid-Year Meeting in Washington D.C., May 7-8.

Assistant Professor Brent Chamberlain participated in the inaugural KSU Research Facilities and Resources Showcase on May 13 with a display of the Advanced Landscape Immersion and Visualization Environment Laboratory. The work of Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page on the Meadow was featured in the Prairie Studies Initiative display.

Assistant Professor Hyung Jin Kim was invited as a jury of the Kyung Hee University Public Design Idea Competition on June 5, and a critic in the final review of the Landscape Planning and Design studio (2nd year graduate course) at Seoul National University on June 15.

Professor and Head Stephanie Rolley chaired the summer meeting of the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board in Asilomar, California, July 17-18.