NRES Seminar Series Update

Dr. Brian McCornack presents “Blending Ecology with Technology to Manage Pests and Beneficial Organisms” on October 17, 2017.

The Fall 2017 NRES Seminar Series featured guest presentations by five K-State faculty and staff.  Special thanks to Jim Sherow (History), Colby Moorberg (Agronomy), Barbara DeSanto (A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications), Trevor Witt (Unmanned Aircraft Systems, K-State Polytechnic), and Brian McCornack (Entomology) for their insightful talks.

The seminar series helps us achieve our student learning outcomes by expanding students broad-based knowledge of natural resources/environmental science and by illustrating the commonalities (and differences) in academic perspectives for studying and solving contemporary natural resources issues.

This series, which continues to grow in popularity since its inception in Spring 2014, is focused on undergraduate students and was established to help build a sense of community, an appreciation for the breadth and depth of issues and approaches, and awareness of current research in natural resources and environmental science fields.

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