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Political Science Faculty Publish a Remarkable 20 Articles in “Top 30” Journals Last Year

K-State political science faculty members had a remarkably productive year when it comes to cutting-edge scholarship in leading disciplinary outlets.  Department faculty members had 9 articles published or accepted in journals ranked in the top ten in the field over the past year.  They had an additional 11 articles published or accepted in journals ranked in the top 30.  Our faculty had publications appear in outlets such as the British Journal of Political Science, Review of Politics, Political Research Quarterly, Social Science Quarterly, Public Performance and Management Review, International Studies Quarterly, Public Administration Quarterly, History of Political Thought, Journal of Conflict Resolution and International Interactions.  It is no wonder K-State political science faculty have received such acclaim for their scholarship. Our research is expanding the boundaries of knowledge in the most visible outlets in the profession! As important, our faculty bring excitement about such new knowledge into the classroom each and every day.

A list of our journal publications over the past year is available here:  http://www.k-state.edu/polsci/.

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