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Student Highlights

Major John Barrington, MA student in Security Studies, won the Excellence in Joint Service Warfare Award at the June 2017 CGSC graduation ceremony. “The Excellence in Joint Service Warfare Award is presented to the student who contributes the most significantly to the study, implementation and spirit of joint service warfare. Additionally, the student must demonstrate proficiency in joint core courses, Joint Advanced Warfare Studies, attainment of an additional skill identifier in joint service warfare, participation in joint special operations areas of concentration, joint service warfare electives, publication of joint service warfare articles and completion of a master of military arts and science degree with a focus on joint service warfare or a comparable degree from another institution. The award is open to all members of the regular class. The award is endowed by the Military Officers Association of America.” You can read more about CGSC awards here.

Ken Gleiman, PhD candidate in Security Studies, is serving as the Director of US Pacific Command’s (PACOM) Commander’s Action Group. He was USPACOM Visiting fellow to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) prior to this new position. Ken is part of the first cohort of the US Army’s Advanced Strategic Planning and Policy Program (ASP3) and is writing his dissertation on the role of external support for foreign insurgencies.

Trevor Jones
Maj. Trevor Jones receiving the General George C. Marshall Award

Major Trevor Jones, MA 2017, was the recipient of the General George C. Marshall Award for the top U.S. graduate, also known as the white briefcase award. This is the highest award given to a CGSC U.S. Officer during the CGSC graduation ceremony. “The General George C. Marshall Award was created in 1960 in honor of Marshall to be presented to the distinguished graduate in each regular CGSOC class. The award recognizes scholarship and leadership, pays homage to one of America’s most honored soldiers and serves as a lasting incentive to officers attending the college.” The award is sponsored by the CGSC Foundation. You can read more about CGSC awards here.

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