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Have a Fun, Active and Healthy Celebration!

Red Spherical Christmas Ornament ca. 2002

Celebrate the New Year with some simple steps for a fun, healthy, and active event!

  1. Add activities to get people moving and interacting.
  2. Festive foods are eye-catching. Fun shapes or a garnish make a dish pop!
  3. Make ice cubes with 100% juice or added fruit for flavor.
  4. Savor each bite. Add some flavor with a cultural favorite.
  5. Alongside party food favorites, have fruit kabobs, vegetable trays arranged for the party theme, and simple swaps like offering whole-grain crackers.
  6. Let’s dance! Get people up and moving with party games or dancing.
  7. Sneak in healthier options with simple ingredient swaps or try a new recipe.
  8. Keep it simple. That can save a lot of stress! Ask guests to bring a favorite food or have them plan party games. Don’t forget to get the kids involved!
  9. Shop smart to fit your budget. Make a list and shop grocery sale ads for savings. Don’t forget coupons for extra savings.
  10. Be an example for healthy habits. The kids are watching!



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