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Department of Communications and Agricultural Education

Faculty Attends AAAE National Conference

Story by Cassie Wandersee, (master’s student)

Four faculty members in the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education attended the American Association for Agricultural Education National (AAAE) Conference in San Antonio. This year’s conference focused on sharing agricultural education research and innovation.aaae

“We are given the opportunity to talk with other educators who are facing similar challenges,” says Brandi Disberger, agricultural education instructor and first time attendee of the national conference.

Other attending faculty members include Kris Boone, Department Head, Shannon Washburn, Assistant Dean/Professor, and Steve Harbstreit, Associate Professor.

Disberger explained that the AAAE conference focuses on professional development and program improvement in the field of agricultural education through shared experiences and knowledge.

Attendees also have the opportunity to connect with colleges and fellow alumni.

AGED alumni presenting at the conference included Gaea Wimmer Hock (’03, ‘06) who is now an Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University, and Carmelita E. Goossen (’06) now a graduate student at Oklahoma State University in agricultural education, communications and leadership.

Courtney Meyers (’03), an alumna of the ACJ program, presented several sessions at the conference. Meyers is currently an associate professor at Texas Tech University.

“It was great to see the work of alumni from the AGED program, as well as the ACJ program,” says Disberger.

Connecting with others within the agricultural education industry and having time to think critically about issues are two of the greatest strengths of the AAAE annual conference.

“The biggest benefit is being given the time to reflect on what we are doing and to ask questions of ourselves,” says Disberger.

To learn more about AAAE visit http://aaaeonline.org.


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