Kansas State University


Department of Agricultural Economics


A new Director of Graduate Programs for the Department of Agricultural Economics was recently appointed. Dr. Jason Bergtold has assumed the position, and is looking forward to leading the department forward into the new semester. Bergtold joined the agricultural economics faculty in 2007 where he conducts research on production economics, bioenergy, land use, land cover changes and applied econometrics.

“I am hoping to further strengthen our on campus M.S. and Ph.D. programs,” says Bergtold. “I want to bring in strong students, and keep our program nationally ranked in terms of being a place where students want to further their education.”

Bergtold says he takes a student’s-first approach to the graduate program. At the graduate level, he believes students have a real thirst for knowledge and learning, which he hopes embolden their steps to realize their own career paths.

“Dr. Bergtold has been supportive throughout my graduate career,” says Ana Claudia Sant’Anna, a Ph.D. candidate. “He has shared his experience and knowledge with me, increasing my confidence in my research and teaching skills. His doors are always open to me and he makes me feel part of the team by valuing my opinions.”

Bergtold’s is fully dedicated to making the program the best it can be for our students. He says he will continue his open door policy with his students and tries to help them succeed in any way he can.

“As a department, I want to approach the graduate program like we are building our program and building professionals,” says Bergtold. “As graduate director, I want to help the graduate students succeed.”