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ECE Summer Interns

This summer, the ECE department provided a unique experience — both academic and cultural — to two promising, international undergraduate students. Rohan Mukherjee and Rupam Kundu, two seniors from Jadavpur University, India, who specialize in electronics and telecommunication, participated in a summer internship program. They spent a total of 10 weeks on campus working under the supervision of Sanjoy Das. Together, they looked into how computational game theoretic techniques could help improve the performance of future energy grid.

Rupam investigated algorithms to coordinate the energy consumption patterns of household units during power outages. Rohan focused on how houses with photovoltaic generation capabilities could participate in energy trading. As their research was a part of a large NSF funded project, Rohan and Rupam had to present their research to Drs. Das, Pahwa and Natarajan, as well as Dr. Deloach from the CIS department. In the near future, they plan to submit two papers on their research findings to IEEE transactions in a related area.

Rohan and Rupam left with fond memories of the Flint Hills, Manhattan and Kansas State University.

Rohan Mukherjee
Rohan Mukherjee, summer international student intern.
Rupam Kundu
Rupam Kundu, summer international student intern
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