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K-Staters shape NBC’s Parent Tool Kit website

Two College of Education subject matter experts lent their expertise for content on NBC’s Education Nation website http://www.parenttoolkit.com, which launched at the Education Nation Summit in New York last month.

Laurie Curtis and Lori Goodson, assistant professors of curriculum and instruction, contributed to the nationwide project. While designed for parents, Curtis believes this website is also an excellent resource for teachers working with students of all ages.

The website helps parents support their child’s work in the classroom by tracking academic success and personal growth from kindergarten through high school. It offers parents grade-specific curriculum information, additional teaching resources and ideas to add interest to subjects. The website also offers tips for parent-teacher conferences.

One thought on “K-Staters shape NBC’s Parent Tool Kit website
  1. I guess I was way ahead of my time–I wrote my Master’s thesis in 1985 in the College of Education, Department of Adult and Occupational Education on just this topic! My thesis had the title “Parents Can Be Teachers, Too!”–and the idea behind my study was that parents needed to take a more active role in the learning processes of their children and not leave everything to the schools/teachers. I’m glad that someone finally followed through with this oh so logical idea and implemented it. Bravo!
    Sheryl Bauchwitz, 1981/1985

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