Kansas State University


College of Education

In case you’ve missed the COE staff….

OK…this isn’t their normal attire, but the COE’s Curriculum and Instruction Department recently had its “Big Picture Day,” where faculty highlight key research and programs taking place. And, just so it doesn’t get too serious, they chose a “prom” theme. Here’s a look at just a few of the attendees. I think you might recognize a few.

Mr. Alberto’s role was the coach/prom sponsor, set on using his clipboard and whistle to keep everyone in line. Umm…he wasn’t too successful.
See if you recognize these folks from the C&I office…all decked out, leisure suit and all! From left, Laura Schwartz, Shelley Houser, and Dr. Todd Goodson.
Dr. Martinez, sharply dressed in a purple vest for the prom event, shares details of her research project with faculty.
Wolfman Jack, also known as Dr. B., provided groovy music…and a bit of commentary, of course, from his radio “studio” for the event.