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ELP Tutoring

What is ELP tutoring?

ELP (English Language Program) tutoring is a service that began in January 2015, temporarily housed in the International Technology Commons (ITC), to offer international students, especially the ELP students, one-on-one, face-to-face English language help including writing, grammar, reading, vocabulary, speaking, listening, and pronunciation. The mission of this service is to provide international students with professional English assistance, support them in their language development, and facilitate students’ independent learning ability so that they can achieve their goals. All tutors are professionally trained in working with ESL students. We also offer conversational activities once per week to help international students improve conversational skills and make friends. In August 2015, we relocated to a new facility named the ELP Testing and Tutoring Center (TTC) at Wildcat Landing.


Who has the ELP tutoring been serving?

Over the past nine months of service, we have been serving the following groups of internationals:

* ELP students who need the English language help

* Full-time university students (both undergraduate and graduate) who need general writing, speaking, and listening help

* Teaching assistants who needs to pass a speaking proficiency test

* Community members who want to improve their English skills



What are the benefits of ELP tutoring for the students?

By receiving assistance from the ELP tutoring,

* students get academic support to acquire English language skills needed to achieve academic or other goals from tutors who are professionally trained in ESL

* students become independent learners

* students boost their confidence in their language use

* graduate students pass the English speaking proficiency test to secure financial support from their departments to fund their educational studies

* community members acquire the English knowledge needed to be assimilated into the American society



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