Making a Difference

Category: Spring 2013

In their words: Making a difference with a planned gift

The decision to make a planned gift is a highly personal one. But recently, some loyal K-Staters agreed to share their thoughts about why they made planned gifts to K-State in this video. In their own words, these K-Staters share their motivations for giving, and students on the receiving end of planned gifts share how their lives have been changed by the foresight of others.

If you are interested in finding out more about planned gifts, contact Kent Sedlacek, senior director of gift planning at the KSU Foundation, at or 785-532-7521.

Thank you for being PROUD!

K-State Proud, a student-led, nationally recognized fundraising campaign, succeeded in raising more than $105,600 this year. In the first seven years of the campaign, more than $650,000 has been raised and some 300 students have received awards, helping them stay at K-State and complete their education. Read more about K-State Proud and its impact here.

Contributions to K-State Proud establish Student Opportunity Awards for students who are struggling financially and have exhausted all other forms of financial assistance.

Meet the students: Student Opportunity Award winners

Imagine being a student at Kansas State University, working hard to earn a degree, when something unexpected happens that makes it financially impossible for you to continue your studies. Imagine that gut-wrenching, sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as you see your dreams slipping away. Now imagine that your fellow students all chip in and give you the money you need to get through the semester or year. Sound unbelievable? It’s not. That very scenario has played out many times each semester for the past seven years at K-State thanks to K-State Proud.

Guided by the Student Foundation, the K-State Proud campaign is all about students helping students.  Meet some of the Student Opportunity Award recipients.