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Category: Fall 2016

Welcome to the Department of Geology e-Newsletter

Welcome to the first Department of Geology e-newsletter! We hope this will be the first in a long series of communications intended to keep our alumni, their families, and other friends of the department updated with the latest developments in K-State Geology. We are also hoping that the newsletter becomes more interactive in the future—not only as a way for us to communicate with you but for you to communicate with us.

A Raman to probe the Earth

The Department of Geology is very pleased to announce the future acquisition of a new state-of-art instrument: A Raman Microscope. This instrument is partially funded by Kansas State University, the Department of Geology and the College of Art & Sciences. The first priority of this facility is to serve students and faculty in a number of geoscience disciplines and courses, e.g. mineralogy, environmental geology, clay mineralogy, geochemistry, economic geology, igneous petrology, petroleum geology, paleoclimatology and Quaternary processes. It will also benefit, and be accessible to, an array of disciplines across campus, including agronomy, engineering, biology, chemistry and geography. Continue reading “A Raman to probe the Earth”