Kansas State University


Graduate School

2015 Spring Commencement

The Kansas State University Graduate School awarded 101 doctoral, 8 MFA degrees and 617 master’s degrees at the spring commencement ceremony held at 1 p.m. Friday, May 15, 2015 in Bramlage Coliseum.  During the ceremony, the honorary doctorate was awarded to  Nancy Kassebaum Baker who also presented the commencement address.  A reception was held immediately following the commencement, where family, friends, faculty, and K-State administrators gathered.

2015 Graduates

“Education and trust provide the thread that help us answer complex questions to the demands that are on each of us as citizens,” said Kassebaum Baker during her commencement speech. “Education is a valued part of helping us achieve our goals and our knowledge of the world around us.  We will never agree with all issues; Nor should we. But we should respect and understand, through informed decisions, the appreciation of trust.”

“Commencement is a great time to mark an achievement of mine and close a chapter of my life with family, colleagues, and all the friends I made during my time at K-State,” said Leslie Schulte, doctoral graduate of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering. “Many people have influenced me during my time at K-State including chemical engineering faculty and my advisor, Dr. Mary Rezac.”



“I am participating in commencement because I feel as if it is a necessary thing to do,” said Bryson Haverkamp, master’s graduate of agronomy. “Most graduate students have to defend a dissertation, thesis, or report to indicate completion of the program.  For me, the real closure comes when you put on your gown and mortar board and receive your diploma.”

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