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How do you like those apples?

Ashley Pruett holds a variety of Big Slice Apples flavors. A portion of all proceeds from the snack is donated to the Sparkle charity to help women in need.

While her friends spent their afternoons watching MTV, Ashley Pruett spent hers watching Food Network.

Pruett’s love of food started at a young age as she gardened with her dad, canned with her grandma and helped cook homemade family meals. When her hobby of working with food spiraled into a passion, Pruett knew she wanted to pursue a degree in that direction.

“K-State has such a rich history in food and nutrition curriculums,” said Pruett, who earned a bachelor’s degree in dietetics and a master’s degree in food science from Kansas State University. “I was given an incredibly well-rounded education in my graduate program. My major professor, Dr. Fadi Aramouni, gave me opportunities to apply food science skills in order to develop skill sets.” Continue reading “How do you like those apples?”

Hard work pays off for alumna

Linda Uthoff knows she has done her job correctly when her hours of hard work go unnoticed by the audience.

“Live theatre acting and directing are ephemeral,” said Uthoff, a 1981 masters of art graduate. “It takes a lot of hours to create, but if you do it right the audience doesn’t notice the work.”

Although Uthoff was always interested in theatre, her eyes were opened to the world of theatre after seeing a traveling Continue reading “Hard work pays off for alumna”

Student participates in nuclear issues workshops

A Kansas State University doctoral student in security studies participated in two workshops discussing nuclear issues hosted by former Secretary of State George Shultz and former Secretary of Defense William Perry.

Rabia Akhtar, a Fulbright scholar from Pakistan, was invited to participate in the US-Pakistan Roundtable September 3-5, 2014 and the Stanford Nuclear Meeting September 6-14, 2014 at Stanford University. Continue reading “Student participates in nuclear issues workshops”

Important Graduate School announcements

Alumni Reunion for classes of 1965 and 1990

Plan a trip back to K-State and down memory lane as the Graduate School celebrates the 50th year reunion of the class of 1965 and the 25th year reunion of the class of 1990. This two-day celebration–planned for April 16 and 17, 2015–will include campus tours and visits with faculty and students. The celebration will conclude with a reception and dinner featuring President Kirk Schulz and other special guests. Continue reading “Important Graduate School announcements”