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Kansas State University ‘perfect match’ for alumna

Higgins and Cotelea celebrate Cotelea’s graduation from Kansas State University. Cotelea was the first Muskie Fellow to study public health and the first physician in the Kansas State University master of public health program.

Kansas State University alumna Svetlana Cotelea was recently appointed as deputy minister for the ministry of health and chief medical officer of the Republic of Moldova. Cotelea received her master of public health degree with an emphasis in public health nutrition from Kansas State University in 2011.

“Completing the master of public health degree from K-State was a turning point in my career and a decisive step in moving towards my present position,” Cotelea said.

In her new position, Cotelea oversees the Moldovan public health sector, prioritizes policies and interventions related to disease control and directs efforts to address public health risk factors such as tobacco, alcohol consumption, unhealthy nutrition and physical inactivity. Continue reading “Kansas State University ‘perfect match’ for alumna”

Helping a nation: doctoral student works to improve literacy in South Sudan

A Kansas State University graduate student is working to improve education for an entire nation.

Stephanie Pearson, doctoral student in curriculum and instruction, is working with the United Nations and the U.S. State Department on literacy and education in the Republic of South Sudan. She is investigating the various internal and external characteristics and factors that affect literacy education among students, teachers and citizens in South Sudan. Her findings are being used to develop a model that helps promote literacy in that nation and establishes a literacy curriculum for its citizens. Continue reading “Helping a nation: doctoral student works to improve literacy in South Sudan”

Graduate students selected to present research at annual statewide summit

Kelley Smith (far right), a representative from Dow AgroSciences, served as a judge during Research and the State. Dow AgroSciences sponsored the awards given to the top presenters in each category.

Ten Kansas State University graduate students who are researching Kansas-related topics have been chosen to represent the university at the 11th Capitol Graduate Research Summit in early 2014. Continue reading “Graduate students selected to present research at annual statewide summit”

Student describes experience as 2013 Nobel Laureate meeting participate

Elizabeth Ploetz, doctoral student in chemistry, participated in the 2013 Nobel Laureate meetings in Lindau, Germany, June 30-July 5.  She describes her experience below:

Describe your experience participating in the 2013 Nobel Laureate meetings.
Before traveling to Lindau, Germany, the U.S. delegation met in Washington, D.C., for an orientation meeting. We heard talks from representatives of the various groups funding the trip and then traveled together to Lindau for the week long 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting dedicated to chemistry.

During morning sessions, several laureates gave short, formal lectures. In the afternoons, laureates held informal discussion sessions with the young researchers. Concurrently, laureates held “master classes” in which they critiqued a young researcher’s research presentation, led workshops on presentation skills and sat on panel discussions on the topics of scientific communication, chemical energy conversion and storage. Continue reading “Student describes experience as 2013 Nobel Laureate meeting participate”

Fall 2013 Graduate School commencement

A master’s student smiles after receiving her diploma during the Spring 2013 commencement ceremony. Nearly 200 students will participate in the Fall 2013 commencement ceremony on Dec. 13, 2013.

The Kansas State University Graduate School commencement ceremony will be held at 1 p.m. Friday, Dec. 13 in Bramlage Coliseum. The university will award nearly 300 master’s and 90 doctoral degrees. Continue reading “Fall 2013 Graduate School commencement”