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Alumnus recognized by the National Association for Surface Furnishing

A former Kansas State University graduate student has been awarded the 2013 National Association for Surface Furnishing’s (NASF) Scientific Achievement Award.

Yinlun Huang, professor of chemical engineering and materials science at Wayne State University, received the award for his key theoretical contributions to the surface finishing industry.  Huang was also recognized for his professional leadership experience with the American Electroplating and Surface Finishing Foundation, his extensive list of journal articles and book publications, and his efforts in technology development, which have resulted in 12 technologies developed since 2000.

The NASF presents the award annually to “an individual who greatly contributes to the advancement of the theory and practice of electroplating, metal finishing and the allied arts; raises the quality of processes and products; and has enhanced the dignity and status of the profession.”

Huang currently serves as director for the National Science Foundation RCN-SEES project on sustainable manufacturing, which involves 21 domestic and foreign universities and 11 national organizations and university centers.

He received his bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Zhejiang University, China, in 1982, and his master’s and doctorate from Kansas State University in 1988 and 1992, respectively. He joined Wayne State in 1993 following postdoctoral studies at the University of Texas at Austin.