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Welcome from the Graduate School

Graduate School Team

The Graduate School team is pleased to share the inaugural edition of our e-newsletter with you. This newsletter highlights some of the awards received by our graduate faculty and students and also provides an update on graduate school programs and enrollment.

Like other colleges, the Graduate School team has been engaged in developing our strategic plan for 2025. We have identified key initiatives related to Theme 3: Graduate Scholarly Experience. A few of these initiatives include:

  • partnering with Graduate Student Council, our graduate programs and other offices to provide professional development events that will enhance the development of transferrable skills, including working in team environments, communicating technical information to non-technical audiences, project management, functioning in a multidisciplinary environment and business acumen;
  • partnering with graduate programs, departments and colleges to obtain financial support from diverse sources to increase the competitiveness of our assistantship stipends and providing tuition scholarships;
  • supporting the development of graduate degree and certificate programs that address the workforce needs in Kansas and the surrounding region;
  • implementing a competitive small grant program to support graduate students’ research, particularly in the social sciences;
  • improving Graduate School efficiency by implementing electronic/paperless processes, including an updated admission system; and
  • promoting the establishment of a Graduate Student Life Center to serve as a learning community for graduate student interaction, programming and support services and to promote social/networking events to enhance the quality of the graduate experience at K-State.

Several other initiatives have been identified to facilitate K-State becoming a top 50 research institution. We look forward to sharing updates in future newsletters and look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Holidays!

Your Support Matters

Commitment and support will be essential as we work together to enhance the scholarly experiences for our graduate students. We hope you will consider how you might support these efforts by providing internship or research opportunities, serving as lecturers, contributing to scholarship and fellowship programs, serving on panels for professional development workshops and reconnecting with your mentor and/or department and sharing your success stories. To explore ways to contribute to the graduate student experience, contact Tracy Robinson, development officer for the Graduate School, at (785) 532-7568 or tracyrob@k-state.edu.

2 thoughts on “Welcome from the Graduate School
  1. Carol, Thank you for your new KSU Graduate School Newsletter.
    To be honest, I haven’t even read it yet, but I think it’s a great idea.
    Things change so rapidly today. I know when I returned to KSU for my MS in Education Administration (1990) I didn’t know where to turn. I probably could have used better advisement about the variety of programs.
    Every once in awhile, I am tempted to complete my Ed.D., (with the nine credits and thesis) but I have reservations.
    I know there has been a complete change in personnel since 1990, even though it does not seem so long ago to me.
    In any event, thank you for the newsletter,

    Jeff Reinert
    1014 Evans
    Garden City, KS 67846

  2. Excellent idea! I got my MS degree in 1991 and since that everything has changed. Please let us know how can we get involve those who live overseas.

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