Spring 2013

Central Kansas Japanese Festival

Japanese Festival 2013

Tables are covered with origami cranes, vendors line the Union selling Japanese food and drinks, students bend over a Go board while a group of women play traditional Japanese music on the shamisen.  April 13th 2013 was the 18th annual Central Kansas Japanese festival organized by the Japanese Student Association in conjunction with the Japanese Language Program.  Continue reading

Kaffeestunde: Caffeinated Conversation

Kaffeestunde im April

Its Friday, 10:30 at the Radina’s Coffeehouse in the Leadership Studies Building.  Against a noisy backdrop of espresso machines and clattering coffee cups, a group of people is talking in German and laughing.  Every week at this time German majors, minors, language students as well as German-speaking faculty from around the university gather to socialize, relax, and improve their language skills.  Continue reading