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On-Campus Tutoring


It’s not unusual to struggle with a difficult course or to need an extra boost of understanding. The first step is to have your students speak with theirĀ professors or instructors and find out how they can help.

Walk-in tutoring

Tutors are available at various locations to assist with specific subjects. Students requesting assistance in these courses can come any time during the hours posted without making an appointment.

Supplemental instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) includes an instructor that attends the class and knows what was taught in each class period. The following classes have SI sessions associated with them: Anthropology, Economics, Kinesiology, Mass Communications, Mathematics, Physics, Psychological Sciences, and Social Work.

Working on a paper?

Stop by the Writing Center to talk with a trained tutor and receive feedback on writing for classes in all disciplines. Tutors are also happy to discuss strategies for successful non-academic writing.

Visit the walk-in tutoring website to see a list of available walk-in sessions by major.


Scheduled Tutoring

Several options are available for scheduled tutoring. Discover more about which option is the right fit for you.

Weekly tutoring sessions

The Academic Assistance Center provides free tutoring in a variety of courses to any K-State student. Students can sign up for one or more weekly tutoring sessions that meet in a small group with a peer tutor who will assist with course content and learning strategies. Fill out a Request a Tutor FormĀ and turn it in at 201 Holton or 201 Leasure.

One-on-one scheduled tutoring

Educational Supportive Services provides participants with one-on-one and/or small-group tutoring appointments for high demand classes upon request. Tutors are trained to work with any student regardless of background, academic proficiency or learning style. One-on-one peer tutoring appointments take place in both 204 Holton Hall and 201 Leasure Hall. Learn more about the program and the application process.

The Writing Center also provides students with one-on-one scheduled appointments, both face-to-face and online.