Kansas State University


The Pilots Program

Spring 2016 Enrollment Steps

1.) Schedule an appointment with your Pilots advisor (Rebeca, Nilima or Nidhi) before BooksOctober 31 by emailing them directly or stopping by Holton 101.


2.) Bring a your curriculum guide for your major to your Pilots advising meeting.  You can find a curriculum guide by visiting the Curriculum Guides at K-State page and select your


3.) See your advisor during your scheduled time and fill out the Pilots Pre-Enrollment form.  Don’t lose this form!!


4.) Make an appointment with you Academic advisor for your major before your enrollment date/time (listed on KSIS).If you don’t know their name, check KSIS.


5.) Check your email.  Your academic advisor may have already told you how to make an appointment.  Check with your department for official procedures.


6.) KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME! If you miss your appointment and have to reschedule, you may not get to enroll in your preferred Spring 2016 courses.


7.) At your meeting, your advisor will lift your KSIS Advising hold/flag, sign your Pilots pre-enrollment sheet and add notes for class suggestions.


  • All of your holds on your KSIS account MUST be taken care of before you can enroll for spring classes.


8.) Bring your pre-enrollment sheet to Holton Hall 101


9.) Check KSIS to figure out what date and time you can enroll.

  • That date and time is the earliest you can enroll.
  • You will all meet at Bluemont Hall 116 (the Pilots lab) on your designated day and time to enroll.  Don’t miss class or a PA hour to enroll, just come to the lab as soon as you can.
  • Your advisor will bring your enrollment form.


NOTE: First year students enroll as early as November 16; however, because of the numerous steps involved in the enrollment planning process, NOW is the time to get started!

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